The Guessing Game


Can you guess these guitar intro’s ?

  1. AC/DC - Thunderstruck
    2.Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing
  2. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama


That was quick … All correct !
Guess I must make it a bit more difficult :wink:


Let’s see if anyone can guess the following 2 songs.
Hint: they’re both for the same singer, and they’re not in English.


Well it was worth a try. Here are the two French Songs by Enrico Macias:


I was stumped! I also assumed they were Spanish. Doh.


A couple of famous musical artists did theme songs for TV shows in the 90s/2000s. Can you name the shows these song clips are from?


First song is from one of my favorite T.V shows: Malcom In The Middle! The song is called Boss of Me by the band They Might Be Giants.

I have no clue on the second song though.



You got it, lightning fast!

Only the second one’s left.


Is the second one Dawson’s Creek?


Correct! Great guessing! :sunglasses:


ok, an easy one for you all, translate this to English please:

Si Senor, der dago
4T Lorez inaro
demaint Lorez, demis trux
fulluv cowsnens an dux


That was funny!

An (incomplete) attempt of translation:
(???) there they go
Forty lorries in a row
They aren’t lorries, they are trucks
Full of cows and hens and ducks


Very good Miri, just should be Yes sir to start!


Oh, I looked for a mysterious meaning, and it really was: Si senor LOL


2 famous songs to guess:

  1. Those were the days … Mary ???/ (Hopkins maybe)???
  2. Sounds like Que sera sera but not sure


Both correct @whoeverit well done :clap:


A few famous drum intro’s, do you recognize them?

  1. 50 ways to leave your lover … Paul Simon
  2. My Sharona …The Knack
    Not sure about 3 :-/