The Guessing Game


Well done Miri :clap:


These are the opposites of five titles. Guess the correct ones.

Life be Haughty (poem)
Death of Vulcan (painting)
Quiet Cow (movie)
Dead to be Tame (song)
The Hairy Bass (play)


No 4 … Born to be Wild


Correct! Well done, Shady :slight_smile:


Is No 2 Life of Christ (painting) ?


2 The Birth of Venus?
3 Raging Bull?
5 The Bald Soprano?

  1. Death Be Not Proud… J Donne


Excellent teamwork! Very well done, all of you! :clap:

  1. Death Be Not Proud by John Donne
  2. Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli (Vulcan was the ugliest and Venus the most beautiful of Roman gods)
  3. Raging Bull starring Robert de Niro
  4. Born To Be Wild - Steppenwolf
  5. The Bald Soprano by Eugène Ionesco


What about some clubbing?

  1. Founded in London in the seventies, this chain of restaurants soon expanded all over the world. It owns the largest and most valuable collection of music memorabilia of the world, including autographed guitars and bustiers, which are displayed on the walls.
    What is the name of this restaurant chain?

  2. The Antico Caffè Greco, the oldest café in Rome, has seen since the 18th century the most illustrious patrons: kings, poets such as Keats, Lord Byron or Goethe, composers as Berlioz or Wagner, and also this famous hunter and showman from the Wild West whose autograph hangs on the wall.
    Who was he?

  3. According to the latest survey, this German city, the second largest in the country, has been ranked as the best night out in the world among more than 40 big cities. The categories of choice were nightlife, friendliness, costs, transport etc.
    What city am I talking about?

  4. Which refreshing cocktail is named after a Spanish flower and is mostly made with tequila, fresh lime juice and triple sec (the recipes varies)?


1.The Hard Rock Cafe.
3. Hamburg
4. The marguerite daisy is the only one that comes to mind so Margarita cocktail …

Got nothing for number 2


All correct, whoeverit! Bravo!
As for #2, he is the most famous “hunter” from the Wild West, although it is very strange to think he was in Rome. But he was!


Buffalo Bill did tour Europe with his Wild West Show so I guess the autograph may be William (Bill) Cody. He even met the Pope.


Absolutely correct, Whoeverit! Cheers! (With coffee, though, unfortunately it is too early here for a Margarita.)

I just checked the autograph. He signed: WFCody (Buffalo Bill). Probably because otherwise nobody would have recognized his real name. :slight_smile:


What do these 4 pics have in common?


As much as I tried, I couldn’t see Miss Piggy! Probably she is much too offended for losing the Battle Royale to show again.

I’m probably on the wrong track, but let’s open the dance.

1st pic shows two dinosaurs, and if remember correctly from high school two brontosaurs or apatosaurs.
2nd pic shows the Taj Mahal
3rd pic shows very probably the Pilgrim Fathers
4rd pic could it be the Queen of Sheba?

The only common bond I can see at the moment is „pilgrimage“ or „long journey“-

  1. „Pilgrimage“ to Jurassic Park?? Or the long journey dinosaurs themselves undertook across the earth?
  2. The Taj Mahal is a place of sacred pilgrimage.
  3. Pilgrimage to America
  4. Queen of Sheba is said to have undertaken a long journey to Jerusalem to learn from the wisdom of King Solomon.


Hey Miri,
A very interesting approach, but far from the right answer.
Guess again :wink:


To make it easier, here are another 4 pics with the same thing in common:

So now the question is, what do the 8 pics have in common?


Is picture 4 Cleopatra??


No. But her identity is irrelevant to the answer :wink:


This one is tough but still gotta try. If we take them as 2 groups of 4 images
The end of the dinosaurs and the rise of the primate. The start of humanity
Two buildings… a tomb and a bell tower. creations of man
Pilgrims and He will favour us… religion or founding fathers
The horse and the car… travel or transport.
and I still got zip unless its evolution