The Guessing Game


Number 1 gotta be Ronda Rousey after Holly Holm did this image
Number 2 gotta be Sly Stallone after seeing the alphabet image
Number 3. Thanks lol




Excellent @EduPagli
Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, and our lovely grapevine.



This next one is a movie, about a mother who would literally kill for her children, and for her values and principles. Can you guess the movie title?


I’m so impressed, @EduPagli!! I had Jennifer Anniston and Grapevine down but could NOT see Brad Pitt in that image.

For the latest question, the only thing I can think of is Serial Mom … if murdering people for being rude to their kid who’s working in CS counts as values, lol. Maybe that part was a little too relatable. :wink:


@fizzymint that was brilliant! Yes it’s Serial Mom. I didn’t expect a guess so quick lol.
I’m gonna have to make these more difficult I guess :grin:


It was a challenge!! I wasn’t actually sure if that was what you meant, but yay! I am just a John Waters fan. :slight_smile:


Well I tried to be a bit vague about it, but you got me :wink:


Ok let’s see who will guess this one first. Who’s the celebrity in this pic?



Brittney Spears


i’ll also say brittney spears


Looks like Anna Faris.


Well Done @Grateful_ed
It’s Anna Faris



Can you guess the 2 characters in the following pic?

You need to guess both their names to have a correct answer :wink:



This one gets fuzzier every time I look at it! :laughing:
I’ll go with, The Cowardly Lion and the Wizard of Oz.


I have to say it’s a good one. But not the correct one. Keep guessing :slight_smile:


By the way, after the answer is given to this last quiz, while I will still be adding new ones, everyone is welcome to post their own quizzes. Once a question is posted, we will allow time for the right answer to be given, before moving on to the next quiz. But please feel free to post your own, and give us the right answer once guessed or if nobody guesses it. Let’s have some fun quizzing each other :slight_smile:


Not getting many guesses for that last pic, so here are some clues to help you guess it. One is a feline, the other is a famous actor. They are both one. And that’s a yellow feather on top of the hat :thinking:


Puss and Antonio Banderas by any chance…


:joy: Well done! Yes.