The Guessing Game


Well done, miss Maya! :clap:
I hope my questions were not too “kafkaesque”. :grin:


Hi, No party, I am afraid.

Probably just relax in a beer garden somewhere and reminisce about how close England came in the World Cup.


New Quiz: Whose Birthday is it today? :laughing:

Happy Birthday @Chasetheriver :gift: :birthday:


Happy birthday, hope it’s a great one :wink:


happy birthday


did anyone ever realize that punctuation Saves Lives. Let’s eat, grandma

Joke of the week

can anyone punctuate this sentence:

women without one man is nothing

(there are two different ways)


This should be in the guessing game thread :laughing:


Woman without one man, is nothing.

Woman: without one, man is nothing.


I never guessed they had a thread for guessing. some catch 22 that be.

and nice, you got it. the story goes that this question was asked in a college grammar / writing class All the men gave one answer and all the woman gave the wrong one ooh. I’m going somewhere hot for that one


This reminds me of a saying every Italian is familiar with: “Because of a period, Martin lost his post”. The saying is used to teach Italian children to pay attention to punctuation and, more generally, to details.

Martin was a monk who was told to write on the monastery’s door following Latin sentence:
“Porta patens esto nulli claudatur honesto”. He put a period in the wrong place, though, giving the sentence a totally different meaning, and because of his mistake was never appointed prior of the monastery.

Is there anybody who didn’t hate Latin at school and can guess where the period should be, and where poor Martin put it?


After “esto” not “nulli”.


Exactly, vtpcwizard. Very well done! :clap:
“Porta patens esto. Nulli claudatur honesto.” (“Be the door always open. Be not closed to any honest person.”)
“Porta patens esto nulli. Claudatur honesto.” (“Be the door open to no one. Be it closed to honest people.”


Who is singing? And why?


Anybody who remembers the 80’s will instantly recognise that voice as the one and only Cher.The song is Madonna’s "hung up’. I think it is related to a gender equality/gender diversity march on womans day in March last year.

p.s. I still have a few old cassettes of Cher lol


I had no idea Cher covered this song!

(I might be the only one in the world looking forward to Cher’s ABBA cover album, lol.)


@whoeverit you’re correct! It’s Cher.
But the song is not Madonna’s “hung up”. It’s the original Abba’s “Gimme Gimme”, and it’s part of Cher’s role in the new Mamma Mia movie (Mamma Mia 2).

You’re not. There’s me as well. And probably the rest of the world too lol. The album is called “Dancing Queen” and will be out September 28th.


How about some more “Guess the Band” based on emojis?

  1. :gun: :gun: :rose: :rose:
  2. :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper:
  3. :put_litter_in_its_place:
  4. :speech_balloon: :man: :man:
  5. :snowflake: :play_or_pause_button:


guns n roses
red hot chilli peppers
1 and 2 :slight_smile:


4 . talking heads ?