The fairness debate


IT was not intended to be sarcastic it was stated as one mans opinion and i did not aqueous them of cheating unintentional things happen my last word on this


How likely do you think that someone else will have a pocket pair in a given hand when you also have a pocket pair? It’s probably way more common than you think - in the realm of 40%, when 9-handed. If you really think it happens more often to you than that, keep notes on all the times you’re dealt a pocket pair, and show us the stats you collect.


plenty of times I have taken a deck of cards and dealt 9 handed.
1 there was hardly any pocket pairs.
2. maybe couple times there were two pocket pairs.
3. I have provided screenshots/ hand links when it has happen.
its just not pocket pairs that are the issue. there is a lot of other things that I question how random it really is.

July 18th 2018 is when I started posting screenshots of multiple hands with multiple pocket pairs. probably some hand links too

again this is my last post on this forum. want to continue this topic, send me a friends request. I shouldn’t be posting here due to a promise I made to myself.


You cannot collect accurate stats with a PC on a domestic OS, so the science of the stats. is not a real question.
What comes into play is instinct, or try to develop an instinct to RPP eclusively.
What messes and cheapens the nature of poker where stats with all the bells n whistle, harvard degrees in the science of probability, are the bingo players after the 20 minute unlimited buy in.
Luck wins…I have folded winning hands because I know one player with an accumulated stack is going to blow away the smaller stacks on the pre-flop, until a real poker player blows them away. The spirit game suffers because because of what could have been, a fun game to pass the time.
Maybe I ought to go where bingo players are not welcome, but at what cost ?

Just because “chronic bingo player A” is pocket AK or AA, there is no reason to get excited and wet ya keyboard !


Where are the total card counts published so we can verify the shuffle algorithm. For example, out of 3 million cards dealt there should be the same number of 2’s 3’s A’s etc… Since you don’t use Fischer yates algorithm, and instead use random number generator, the game is bunk.