The fairness debate




High ranked player, far from the money, is getting blinded out of a low stakes tourney but he keeps folding and folding. Finally with less than 2 BB’s he goes all-in and gets 4 callers. Flop come 774.
You guessed it…he had 74o and flopped a boat multiplying his stack by 5. Suddenly he’s the hot seat, hitting nut straights and flushes every 2nd or 3rd hand. He finishes well into the money.

He folds all those hands and raises on 74o like he was waiting for that hand, then starts filling inside straights and river flushes.
Things that make you go hmmmm.


Actually my goal was to squander first my entire patrimony and then quit. Now I found out that not even wasting my millions is fun.
I simply can’t bear any more the predictability of Replay’s software, the recurrent patterns, the juiced hands etc. Sorry!
Many can live with it and find other sources of enjoyment. I can’t, because poker is an important part of my presence at Replay.
So I say bye to all the lovely people I met here, in particular to my “sisters”, and wish you all the best for your life.
You know how to keep in touch with me, if you like. :slight_smile:


Don’t go miri.
I’m hanging here by a thread and you’re one of the fun ones.


I rarely post in the forum, but the light will be dimmed here if you leave. Please listen to Whittaker and your friends. Believe me the grass is not greener elsewhere


Hear hear!


Miri, 2 things:

First, if you want to squander your millions, you should just give them to me!!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Second, even if poker is an important part of your presence at Replay, and you don’t think it’s worth it anymore, please do stay for the other parts. Neither the site nor the forums would be the same without you!


Although I’m Roman, I am not the sort of person who likes dramatic gestures, like, for example, Sophia Loren who, when she was rightly charged for tax evasion, solemnly declared on TV: I shall NEVER put my foot on Italian soil again, you ungrateful country!
I didn’t mean to say: you don’t deserve me, you ungrateful site! Because they might justly say: be silent, you goose! We are offering you an entertainment for free!
And I was certainly not catching for appeals to stay. I was just taking leave of all my friends here.
Now, though, Replay is refusing to deactivate my account. I tried twice and twice I got the message: you can’t deactivate your account while you are playing at a table or in a tourney. But I am not!
Is this a sign? LOL
Well, instead of asking the support for help, I’ll stop playing for a while. Who knows? Maybe I’ll learn to accept the flaws “philosophically”, or perhaps the flaws may disappear. :slight_smile:


Some people might think “yes, they would be much better.” :slight_smile:


Are they the people whose opinion you actually care about though?


You mean the people who make us cry the whole night long? Of course I care, I look sooo horrible in the morning!


why did you block the debate


I hear ya there. think I’m just gonna stop and just chat to friends on here.


miri123 you are dead on about this site it has gotten so bad I’m going try to dump 12mil


Cigar, I actually LOVE this site. I am simply disappointed, but I still hope they are going to make some changes. If not, so be it. :slight_smile:


LOL - how many 6’s are actually in the deck? 250K MTT - pay no attention to the actual level of play or you’ll get a headache:

maybe should start a thread on “unusual or unlikely hands”?

Adding this one: OK, 6’s are the hot item tonight so whatever you do, don’t fold them! 3-way all-in chop because all players had the 6 for the gutshot - LMAO: (again, pay no attention to how it got to showdown - UGH!) Yeah, its a goofy result because everyone is passively playing garbage but it still takes an awful lot to set this up and run it out the way it went down.


It continues into the New Year! If you are picking lottery numbers tonight, make sure you take the 6. Here we have 2 identical fullhouses with 6/4 on a flop of 6/4/A and turn 6. LOL, just like we always see everywhere we play.


Warlock would you agree with the below/please share your opinion more so to say-

1.there are players who i know hit quads and cards in that bracket everyday of the week…and win on them 95% of the time.But frankly they are not good players…pure luck boxes…that also means they win on utter crap cards.
2.those who dont see them for weeks and still win on pure skill and good reads basically grind everyday.
3.and those who hit them regularly and lose on them regularly,just bad luck.

ive seen all 3 above on a regular basis …i know of 3 players who just cannot win with best hands such as AA and KK or QQ…

So lets assume you say nature of the beast…which i totally agree with…the reason i agree is we have to battle them every day and its a tough job really…there are these few who just win regardless of the hands they holding the flop,turn and river simply flows thier way…nothing strategic…

What im saying also is you cannot percieve these players as skilled players as it may appear that way…


@jazzbythebay - There are horrible players who win and good players who don’t for long stretches of time. I don’t know the specifics of the players you are talking about but taking you at your word, sure it can happen the way you say it does. All these things revert to the mean in the long run but the long run can be far longer than most of us are around to observe. There are extremely talented pros who haven’t had major cashes in a tournament in years. There are players who win WSOP Main Events who never win another tournament in their lives. I know one particularly horrible player who has somehow owned my soul for about a decade. I’ve put his kids through college by running bad against him. He loses money overall but not against me. Yes, I hate him with a passion.

Poker is brutally unfair, just as life is. There are people who do all the right things who don’t succeed and people who do all the wrong things who do. You can either let that bug you or not. I’ve run hotter than the sun at times and colder than a snowman’s testicles at others. Knowing that its possible to run either way isn’t all that comforting when I’m running bad. Human’s like to be rewarded for making the right decisions and as far as I know, I’m human.

GL mate and HNY


thanks my friend…your first line says it all…that’s the issue on hand really …don’t know if someone has the algorithim down packed to win everytime they sit at the tables and on the flip side just the person is a degenerated loser for no fault of his inspite understand the game better than most.This is rhetorical…Be it casino or cash games or free chips…im not pointing the difference game play but simply what you saying is blowing hot or cold…im saying and reiterate that there are players who don’t blow hot or cold they remain a constant enigma on their space of simply winning all the time or losing all the time.
Take the case as you mention WSOP winner/player you talking of Jamie Gold for a case study…won WSOP hands down with his chip count higher than the remaining 9 combined on the table.He wonjust a little over 12 million in 2006 in the main event and as of 2018 his total winnings are 12.5 million …so about US$400,000 in casino/cash games in 12 years…pathetic for WSOP winner…

now let me drag you to the replay site and explain to me -A player joined here in Aug 2018 and has amassed 1.2 billion chips thru early December2018…so winning about 300 million chips on replay every month four months on the stating a fact here this is not hypothetical.
Which also means that the winnings went on doubling every month without backtracking any loss so that means never went back 50 million or 100 million just surged ahead arithemetically forward.
Now given the fact the payer is not related to Negranu or Ivey (I take it as surely no) is this even possible ?
I mean if I go with your terms- the payer has never seen a day like a snowmans testicles lolllllllllll

I agree with the brutality,poker is not about sunshine and rainbows…it will beat you down to your knees as quoted…The second part of this post makes skill look stupid…