The fairness debate


5-handed AA vs KK vs 33 and 2 of them make sets on the flop:
Next hand, 4-handed and its AQ vs AQ:
Next hand (4 handed) ends up QQQ88 vs 888

The RNG is trying to finish this game quickly - this is something else I notice, that big hand matchups accelerate towards the end of games. Yup, just the way it happens everywhere, right? LOL, not.


Is this chip-dumping or something else? I have no idea what else it could be other than someone trying to commit chip-suicide. I don’t get the river bet in the 1st place but the call is inexplicable.


Maybe poker isn’t their first language…shrug-smiley%20(50x50)%20(2)


This is just a freaky one on the final table:

Same guy, same table a few hands later, same result:


i have been on this site for 4 plus years it was an ok site then but not great i quit playing holdem sometime ago because of the crazy betting pot limit 8 or better for sometime now and lately it has become the same suck outs with crap hands almost every hand we know for a fact that no rng is totally random put a flawed algorithm with it and you have a mess I’m about ready to give up something is not right and i hate it their are some good people playing here and as a DAV i have very little patience with things that don’t seam right thanks for letting me get it of my mind


you are not alone.


Unreal Again !! Wow I don’t know what to say, It’s been a very long time since i’ve had a winning day here, The first month I won with hand I would sitting down at a table, The way I’ve played for years. that’s what I would expect, then a year later same hands I been playing for well over 40 years and winning, Not all but knowing the cards and hands so being pretty good at winning. Now I get great hands and bet with them only to have some player stay with a 7,2 and hit a fullboat or flush. What I am thinking about is Calling out the cards before they hit the table Because this is getting to the point where you can. I really thing Replay needs to fix their Random Card Generator. Well i’ll keep pecking away till my chip count is gone and quit i guess. I enjoy the game so much but when the odds aren’t odds and turn into unbelievable hands i have no use for that. Good luck hope the tables turn soon/

Oh and btw I watched your hands and that’s unreal and should be embarrassing to the makers of this site… :slight_smile:


agree with all you said. in one tournament, would had lost with 3 of a kind. a straight. 3 flushes. before that tournament, flopped a fullhouse and of course it loses.
check your friends request :slight_smile:





I Just wonder why players are not paying attention to betting & raising during this? seems people are tunnel visioning their hands.
The other link was a tougher beat, But the odds were not able to justify going all in on by either hand in accordance with stack size and pot odds, so I say things were poorly played in general.

Also apply “The Juicee Disclaimer in off topic”

Link to site so you can check those hands & other hands


All very nice and good of you to show the odds street by street but not the point I was trying to make. My point was two-fold: 1 - the hands that meet up are very unlikely. 2- when these hands do meet up, the end results are more unlikely. If you want to add in the strings of unlikely hands and unlikely results in short periods of time, that makes the overall odds even lower. I said nothing about how the hands were played - this is a thread on the fairness of the pRNG.


ok I get it, sorry


No worries and no need for sorry’s - I’m fixated on the types of hands I see here. No matter what people say about the RNG, I question it in a big way. I can play 5 hours online cash and not see 10% of the weird hand matchups I see here in an hour.


Try this one out - 3 of the 4 players who saw the flop hit a set:

Not saying this never happens but its really rare. The RNG has actually been pretty well behaved lately. Something must be broken or someone is on vacation :slight_smile:


I’ve mentioned before - perhaps even on this thread - that this is likely true, and doesn’t surprise me. Playing for cash online, you won’t get nearly as many limpers. When every hand sees 4+ players going to a flop, there are going to be a lot of players with weird draws. Furthermore, when people make incredibly small bets postflop, like minbetting out of position into four players, it doesn’t drive people to fold off their draws.

To take the example of the ATs v ATo v A5o hand you posted, if @Igoruvut had opened to 3BB and @hellobunny 3-bet to 8BB, do you think @bubbaluke would have called more than half his stack, or jammed ~15BB, with A5 offsuit, or would that straight have never seen the light of day? By the same token, if @bubbaluke led out with his gutshot on the flop, do @igoruvut and @hellobunny call with overcards, or does he scoop the pot right there?

Almost every board is going to either be paired (allowing for boats or quads), or have flush or straight potential, by the time the river rolls around. The more two-card hands still in play, the more likely someone lucked into the nuts.

I Don't Want To Play Anymore

experience here is no matter how one raises preflop. anyone who holds a ace is going to call. end result would been the same. real life poker proper raise would get A5 to fold and might get one of the a,10 hands to fold as well.


I did a experiment, and got blasted for it, but I don’t care.
The point is to prove a point to myself. I played where it’s 250 buy-in chips, and went all in for some time. Not once did I win outright, and the same 2 or 3 seats kept winning. This experiment had nothing to do with “who is a better player”…it was to see where the winning hands are dealt regardless of strategy.
My conclusion, there is a flaw somewhere because it seemed the mechanics do get stuck on the same seats, programatically speaking. Like, how can my seat, or others lose 10 deals in a row, and get beaten by a whisker each time ? So how does the program actually work ?

Sure, I have seen answers before from the upper rooms, “management committees” and what not, and they reply with similar answers that this has been checked and certified by independent blah blah and more blah , programming double speaks that baffles non programmers etc etc.

So, there is a flaw that seems to favor one or 2 seats and they win. The “lucky seat” in other words.

Try this experiment amongst yourselves with a group of friends, go all in at every round for 50 rounds, and observe the “logic” of the so called random selection mechanisms.
It is far from reality in my opinion, you will see it gets “stuck” to favoring the same seat.
Then, if ya agree, swap seats with a losing seat and a winning seat, then try this experiment again, and also try it internationally…cos I also observed the flags, same group of flags seem to be favored ?
No apologies, cos this is a machine we playing…or a dumb bot of a dealer, ( random selector )


I love playing against these players, either early in tournaments or in ring games, because they’re so easy to beat.

Fold most of your hands preflop, then when you get a medium-to-high pocket pair, bet big preflop. I’m talking 8-10BB big. Assuming they hold an ace, there’s only going to be an ace on the flop about 18% of the time. If you’re up against more than one player with Ace-Rag, flopped aces will be even more rare. On the vast majority of flops that don’t contain an ace, continuation-bet around half the pot. Often they’ll fold, you’ll take down a bloated pot, and can survive another bunch of orbits. If they call, try to check down to the river, and scoop there.

Don’t think this works? Here’s a hand I played earlier this week with this exact strategy that netted me about 25BB. Was that a one-off? Nope: here’s another from the same session that picked up an extra 40BB.


again with my experience here, I’ve done all these tips everyone gives and they just don’t work. I have bet/raise big blah blah blah blah. players gonna call no matter what. even if a Ace don’t hit, I am going up against another pocket pair and it wins. I hate when I say stuff happens to me, and yet other’s say it don’t happen like that.


Maybe the solution is to sit in that exact seat. Problem solved.


Most unlucky hand I have had. Holding both hi/lo with four big bets with pot worth 11,500 chips (over an average stack of 3000), I got booted out.