The fairness debate


Have you written a little tool for excel? I would be very interested.


I’d like to know your magic too, ( with excell )


Here’s a Google spreadsheet version.

It’s read only - you can go File > Make a copy to get your own editable version. Or download to Excel if you prefer.

To get the source data for the hands into the spreadsheet:

  1. Go to your activity page and expand the individual sessions so that the hand history detail is shown. This only works for ring games because there’s no hand history detail available for tournaments.
  2. Then right click on one of the hands near the top and choose Inspect. I am using Chrome - the options might be different in other browsers.
  3. In the resulting screen, find the line that says ul class=“activity-games-list”. Right click it and go Copy > outerHTML.
  4. Now open the spreadsheet, select cell A2 on the first sheet, then paste.
  5. If you have a lot of hands you will need to fill down the formulas in the first two sheets of the spreadsheet to make it work. I have only set up this spreadsheet for about 150 hands in order to keep the file size small for downloads.


Hi love2eattacos,

  thanks for this post. Cant acces the google spreadsheet caused by missing rights. My Google-Account is from a different mail-adress. Any chance to fix this permission or sending an excel file .xls is prefered. Thanks in advance.

Guido (johnlittle)


@love2eattacos ,
Ok that didn’t work, so frustrated.


Thanks @love2eattacos for the Chrome trick, that was the part holding me back.

I was able to increase my sample size to almost 800 hands and investigate.

Out of 562 hands that reached the river, 28 boards were double paired (about 5%). This does not include the double pair that happened on the turn, nor the full house that came up. However these would only bump it up to about 5.3%.

So, the expectation of a double paired board is about 4.7% according to this source. As such, it does seem to converge toward normal with a 10x larger sample.

I’m going to chalk up what I saw last week to some strange variance. The board was coming up double paired every 3-10 hands instead of every 20 or so. At least now I can check on weird things like this if I see them again.


Weird. Try this instead.
Tacos Hand Extractor.xlsx (426.9 KB)


thks Tacos, but not into D/Ls,
I’ll go buy a book on VB I guess.

Macro shouldn’t be more than 7-8 lines.


The Google sheet link should work now - it is set so that anyone with the link can view. I confirmed that I was able to get to it while logged in with a different Google account.

@Sassy_Sarah No macros or VB from me, just vanilla spreadsheet formulas.

The more elegant way to do all of this would be if Replay had a true hand history download option (hint hint :smiley: )


think some of you played on my account, you would have a different feeling about rng.


I got it … FINALLY@love2eattacos ,

once you got the activity ( MTTs ) expanded to all MTTs & Details (15 items each )
“select” just within the MTTs, no headers or footers, “copy” into notepad.
now “select all” , “copy” … paste into Word
“select all” -> convert to table ( 15 columns )
“select all” only within newly created table… “copy” … paste into a new notepad
“select all” , “copy” … paste into excell

Voi-La… you have useable data now… ohh thank god.
( now if I can just get the activity page to stop freezing when loading new entries )


this stuff never ends. guess its time to stop playing for a while.


Perfectly normal… nothing to see here…

I think this is the first 6-way chop I’ve ever seen.


this is what I go through every day. if I have AQ someone will have AK. if I have AJ someone will have AQ. was one hand had JK and there was a jack, but of course someone just had to have AJ.
I hit a fullhouse on the turn only for river give someone higher fullhouse. I had KK and another player also had KK. shocked that other KK didn’t hit a flush.


It happens in Royal all the time :wink:


I think he meant in an actual poker game. :wink: back at ya’




My favorite is when people magically flop the nuts because of the 2 oddball cards they are holding:

Dum-dee-dum, I’m going to call this 10x pre-flop open with 83o.
La–la-la… flop comes 8-8-3…
Better shove all-in!!!

I mean, I flop straights and whatnot with the garbage I play from an unopened SB/BB, so I’m not complaining as such. It’s just really comical how this sort of thing… happens… with incredible frequency.


you made a comment that you see your friends only signing up for freerolls when they got 2 million or more, well this is reason I do. I know its not profitable, but at same time I’m not going to lose any of my bankroll.
what gets me is players can hit their two outs or 3 outs against me, but I have a open end straight plus a flush draw, yet I can’t hit any of these outs.

I can say lots more, but bottom line is getting tired of being setup over and over…


Unreal I been seeing this a lot here lately. When I first started I was wining with a " NORMAL" play. Now I can’t win hardly any hands. then I see many that this is happening to. I cannot get above my Stack now it’s been the same for a year. It has me so scared to play any hand here because you know well someone will beat you out and they stay with Crap in their hand and just happen to hit a hand. I’ve never seen this on a real poker table without it being a surprise to all sitting around the table. Well I hope your luck changes, But I really don’t think there is any luck involved here or skill, Because no matter how you play some seem to hit the cards they need almost every hand. It’s really getting frustrating here. I may not be a RP fan much longer.