The fairness debate


last hand is ridiculous. 3 handed and look at how well it sets everyone up. you flopped nut straight, other player flops 2 pairs, and last guy hits top pair and top kicker ,he also has up and down straight draw. 3 of the 4 queens are already in play and course the only Q in deck hits the turn and gives the guy a fullhouse. you was drawing dead, only hope other guy had was a king on river.


Ya’ think? 3 players left and when the hand is over, the message box reads like this:
Dealer: b-trader shows [ Jd Qc ] Full House, Queens full of Jacks
Dealer: AngelOnFire shows [ Ks Qh ] Three of a Kind, Queens
Dealer: Comicguy shows [ Ac Kc ] Straight, Ten to Ace

Not full ring with just 3 players in the hand, 3-handed to start. Single paired board so it wasn’t that the community cards were the bulk of the hands: Well, it certainly is exciting. So much that I typed “Yahtzee” when the flop came out. LOL. I didn’t even mention all the times the flop came 3-of-a-kind last night. If I played 4 games, then maybe I saw 400 hands dealt. It would have required 7 times that many hands to see that number in a smooth distribution (1 in 424 odds and saw 6 of them). Yeah. yeah, variance happens. Sure it does but when its raining and pouring variance day after day here and nowhere else that I play, I’m gonna call it out as fishy.


The goofy sometimes works in my favor but these hands don’t meet this often in real life, period. There are some very nice people here who think this is complaining about bad-beats. It isn’t. It works both for and against you depending on the hand. The point is that this site does not have a deal similar to any cash site I have ever played on. If it was a matter of a weird day here and there, that would just be variance. The day in and out of the same thing means its the programing.
Once again 3 handed and then HU (I benefit from both):
3 handed 6’s full of 8’s down to 10’s full of 8’s:
HU on same flush draw but I make a pair of 6’s:

++ The game before I got to heads up and we had top 3% hands meet up over and over. Had TT meet KK and final hand was QQ vs AA. Total HU lasted maybe 25 hands and there were at least half a dozen of these matchups. On the bright side, even though I lost that one, he was a very solid player and a really nice person as well. Very enjoyable match and we both agreed that the hands we were getting were unusual to say the least. It also seemed that the rate in which the hands were meeting up accelerated - almost like the program was trying to speed up the game to a resolution.


Can confirm. I saw this happen at least 7 times on Tuesday, and a few more since then. Was discussing with a few others today that during the Halloween promo, there were 3 successive hands in which the flop came AAA, KKK, QQQ. A few minutes later I saw JJJ on another table I was playing. I also saw for myself 2 hands tonight where two players had the same pocket pair.

It’s nice to know I’m not the only one seeing this sort of thing.


that is point in showing these hands, its not complaining, its just players who care and concerned. some of us don’t have money play cash games or play a real live tournaments, so a free play money site like replay poker provides people to enjoy poker. the real problem is players like comicguy and I get frustrated day in and day out and that makes at least me feel like not playing at all. I have stuck to freerolls and low stake tournaments where I don’t place not losing much in bank roll and can make it up with daily bonus.


3 fullhouses. someone probably folded quads. this is also 4th pocket pair I had in 2 tournaments and all 4 lost

me and another player holding exact same hand and hit runner runner for 3 of a kind, but something else happened on river and we both lose.


This is your mistake. Freerolls and low stake tournaments are full of players who aren’t trying and do not care, so they call too much. The game turns into bingo and nobody folds. If 9 people see every flop, of course somebody will have a flush or full house most of the time. It’s just math. If you are playing against people who are actually trying then being a nit and waiting for a big hand stops being the optimal strategy and you get a chance to actually play poker. At the highest stakes here, the play is still pretty mediocre, but at least people are trying. Then you will see that Replay is not poker on steroids


So buy millions and millions of chips and play high stakes so you too can be a mediocre player with a high rank on a free poker website!

Snark :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t buy millions of chips; it is super easy to win them fast.

The value in playing high stakes is that it is more fun because it involves some actual thought.

Being high ranked is not some kind of ego trip. Nobody cares. It is fun to try to play well. Why is that so hard to understand? People are always complaining about how unfair it is that they are not winning and feeling judged when told that their play is not optimal, but the only value judgment is internal.

If I play chess with some friends and I win, I don’t stand up and yell that I am the king of chess. But I also don’t say “oh I just like to movie the little pieces around because they are pretty”. I would try to figure out how to play… And if I taught my grandma how to play and she wasn’t good, I would not immediately say “just give up granny, you are an idiot”. I would understand that being good at chess is not important to her, that “good” is relative, and that she is new to the game…


How many years did it take you?

4 years?


I actually once made an account to test this out. After a few hours on the first day I had 1m. On the second day I made it to 2.5m and decided to go back to my original account. I took more risks than I typically would, but it was not hard. There are players who have won a lot faster than me. Gamergirl for instance, joined in January 2018 and had billions by March.

Edit: I believe this was a sarcastic question (you’ve been on the site for 2 weeks), but I will give a serious answer. This is how you chip up extra fast:

You start out with 2500, but the bank will refill you, so there is no reason for bankroll management at this point. Buy in for the full 2500 at 10/20 ring. Only play pocket pairs and AK. Raise them preflop and then go for stacks when you hit a set or have an overpair bigger than tens. You will almost never lose a big pot and take no risk. You can also play passively with a wider range and just wait to flop the nuts. Just make sure you aren’t paying off when you have medium-strength hands. Anybody else who is “trying” is also playing this way at these stakes, but because they are play chips there are enough people splashing around that waiting for the nuts becomes an effective strategy.

Then just keep moving up the stakes. Every time you have 1,500 big blinds for the next level jump to it. As you move up you can move towards a more “realistic” style of poker in which you play a wider range of hands more aggressively while semi-bluffing with draws. This assumes that your postflop skill improves along the way. You can continue this way with ABC poker until you get to 250k/500k ring (when you have 750m chips) . Then you might need to learn to add some balance to your game.


Right- because no one else on the table is using that same strategy or will call you all in pre-flop so you risk your entire stack.

4 years doesn’t sound fast or easy but hey what do I know?


It doesn’t matter if a few others use that strategy, the vast majority won’t be. Joe wasn’t suggesting going allin pre-flop, he suggested raising pre-flop, then moving in on the flop if you have a good overpair or flop a set. There’s no risk because you can reload.

@JoeDirk sounds like a great way to get started to me.


I am done responding to you because you are obviously trolling, and I have used the internet before. I usually don’t respond to this thread because it is all trolls and conspiracy theorists. I was not suggesting going all-in preflop. That does not make any sense. This isn’t the place for me to teach you how to play poker. Trust me, it is easy. And it doesn’t take four years. Engaging in an enjoyable hobby for four years, how pathetic of me…

Which goes back to my original point, it was never about stockpiling free chips, it’s about having fun playing good poker, which is the good part about Replay.


The reason you’re not seeing this in real life is because the real life players aren’t staying with “any 2 cards” / “calling stations”. Free poker gives you (me and everyone else) the guts to stay with 72off knowing they have nothing to lose. The software isn’t what is skewed or unfair, it’s the players.


I REALLY want to see you do that.

Just take 2500 down to the low stakes tables and turn it into a million in a day and you will have a new follower.



Another great way to start is to buy some chips.

As a tournament player, I was having a hard time getting started. Yeah, I was winning a little, but wanted to get out of the low stakes tournies because they were less fun for me. I spent like $20 or $25 and got about 600K chips with the 1st time bonus.

The site is free on our end, but not free on their end, so we should help them out.

Also, I don’t mind spending $60 or more on a game I will beat in 20 hours, so why not invest a little in a game I will be playing for years?

Anyway, this got me into the medium MTTs, where I have been ever since. I’ve never gone broke, never had to buy more chips, and have no regrets.


That’s the way I feel…I came here and found out I wasn’t near as good as I thought I was.
I occasionally bought chips as I read articles and watched youtube vids/tuts and eventually got to where I could hold my own.
I feel I’m 3 times better than I was when I started here June of last year.
I occasionally put something in the tip jar too…best entertainment value I can think of.


I figure after day 2-3, you notice the increasing daily bonus
Once you hit 2500… Log in/out every day for 2 weeks…
thats a 35,000 bankroll stake… start there… trying to play
too low of stakes, sits you on All-In fest tables… Keep
moving up stakes levels as bankroll permits… (rings)
2.5-5k SnG/MTTs are the slower, safer way up…


I looked back at that old account, and it looks like I was wrong. It took 5 days to get to 1.2m. It was 2 years ago. The first two days I wasn’t trying to chip up, so I started with some MTTs (which is not a fast way to add to your bankroll because of all the variance). I bought in 6 times for increasing stakes, starting with 500 up to 6,666 and ended those two days with 130,140.

The next day I played more MTTs (10k-20k) and 50/100 ring and ended with 548,752 (+418k after 1 day of trying to chip up fast). The next day I finished with 679,605, and the fourth day I only played MTTs and finished with 786, 285. So, it doesn’t seem like I was trying that hard to chip up fast. On day 5 I stepped up to 2k/4k ring and ended with 1,232,609. On day 6, I ended with 2,119,893. So in conclusion, I am a liar…