The fairness debate


I got killed 3 times in a row this morning with ace high kicker and player hits their low kicker on the river.

Just one of those days!


1 of those days is one thing but this is constant. Not just against me but I watch other hands and shake my head more often than not. How many times in a day can you see KK vs AA or QQ vs KK 3 and 4 handed? I guess its more entertaining for some people to have this type of deal but it doesn’t match up to actual online poker. I’ve played online cash for 5 years and the things I see here regularly (from the cards not the players) would have prompted me to pull my cash from any cash site ages ago. The game is still very beatable but its relationship to poker is tenuous at best.

I figured it out - its like watching televised poker all the time here. Of course the hands they pick for television are picked because they are unusual, not because they are the norm. Here, its the norm. Entertainment vs realistic poker.


Seems to happen to me when I hit certain points in my bank roll.

When I am getting close to breaking a new level the hands turn real bad for a couple of days and just have to ride it out.


lots of shaking my head at stuff see on here.


So after a really bad morning getting my butt kicked by low kicker all ins I recouped all my losses and earned another level.

I will take that as a win.

OH- and then this happens:


next hand was just as good lol.


Its a joke - every trip hit by a flush on the river. 20% my butt - like 75%. Its bad enough you have people who play any 2 suited from any position and call any price to see cards but the crazy runouts is special to here. Got to go back to cash because this isn’t entertaining. If I wanted to throw crap against a wall to see what stuck, I’d make my kid pasta for dinner.

It does explain why people are so gun-shy about getting chips in the middle until the river though. Normally you’re happy to get them in as a 4:1 favorite but this place could make you start flinching at the thought of betting before all the cards are out there. It doesn’t play favorites but I’m convinced its not a random deal by any definition.


that’s pretty much me, I’m gun shy to do anything, instead of worry how much chips can take from remaining players left in the hand, I am thinking well how am I losing with any hand I get.


That was me getting off the table before I made the mistake of another buy in.

It was definitely an interesting day on the tables.


and this happens.


I don’t get it…do find that an unusual or unfair hand?


so there is nothing unusual that two of us flopped two pairs, then both flopped two pairs turned into same straights, then two straights, got screwed on river by a higher straight? it just matches all 3 hands to a T to create action.


here is another one. runner runners for a straight flush. poor guy flopped quad aces.


fair enuf.


first hand I am shocked they didn’t throw a 9 to mess up both pocket A’s. one thing for sure is, always get a good laugh.

few hands later, everyone gets a fullhouse


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This is a just-wow hand:
How many full houses and straights can you complete on one board?

As for me - I’m back on the have the freaking hand tagged and bagged until the river hits their 2-outer. QQ vs TT and T on river (all in on turn). A8 vs 55 with 8 on turn and 5 on river. Saw TT vs TT and didn’t chops because 1 made a straight. To be fair, I sucked out on 1 ugly hand earlier in the night but that was like a 40/60 deal, not a 2-outer. There is simply no way these games aren’t boosted up for action. Zero, none, nada. If we could download hands, I’d bet a month’s pay that I’m right.


Sorry - that was supposed to say 1 made a flush, not a straight. Also saw 1 player make 5 consecutive flushes. Anyone know the odds of making a flush holding 2 cards of the same suit by the river? Anyone know the odds of being dealt suited cards, at least 5 times in a row and making the flush each time? Its amusing in a weird sort of way. I wish I could take side bets with people on which hand would be best after the river because I’d make a killing getting 12:1 odds on hands that hit at least 1 in 3 times.


starting to look at it as poker on steroids.


In the same theme:
Must be full-house-Friday night since last night was Flush-Thursday

And here is me folding instead of checking because I know exactly what the other guy had, trips.
*did the same thing twice more same game and he showed the hand each time

And to finish the evening, we have this absurd hand where I flop the nut straight and get beat by a full house. Plus, the other player was holding the case Q so this was a 1-outer:
Yup, Full House Friday indeed. Yuk it up folks, its funny if you look at it for what it is. BTW, I limped because he was raising almost any 2 and I wanted to shove over.