Table Freezes - September Update


I’m so sorry for the interruption earlier today! It looks like three tournaments were affected. Although I was asleep (it’s only now 6:42am here on the west coast US!), our UK-based staff jumped on the case and our tech team got this resolved, so everything should be working correctly now. You’ll likely see stats missing for a little bit again, but please let me know if your tables continue to freeze up. I’ll be issuing refunds to affected players.


thanks for the swift reply fizzy , that tournament cost me 5K tickets , and was on finals , it would be very much appreciated if I can get my tickets back as well the rest of players included in my screen shot . ( though i can’t speak for them ) . the game plays are dong fine now and we having no more issues . again thank you all and all tech team for fixing this nightmare .


Absolutely – you and everyone else in that tournament should have received a refund for that tournament. Sorry again for the issues, and thanks for reporting it to us!


Sorry I keep bugging you with these:

Table 4136120 stats not showing
Table 4136128 also not showing
Table 4136629 not updating


Table 4139442 not updating.
Table 4139449 not showing.
Table 4139472 not showing.
Table 4139458 not showing.


No apologies necessary – I really appreciate you reporting these, and I’m sorry about the missing data! We’re continuing to look into how we can improve these blips, and getting these reports also gives me a heads up to make sure there isn’t a larger problem brewing.


Just happened to me. Great connectivity till in the money, then it drops, but only Replay. It was’t a lot of fun watching, knowing a nut flush was flushed.


Table 4148170 not updating.
Table 4148195 not showing.


We’re getting reports of frozen tables again. I’ve alerted the tech team and will have more information ASAP!


coonnamera lake 5 is frozen


can not spell today sorry


Satellite to 50K MTT also froze


It appears to be a widespread issue and most, if not all, tables are affected. Our tech team is restarting servers now and I’ll let you know when this is resolved. Very sorry for the interruption!


Things should be stabilizing again, so please let me know if you notice more issues with your tables freezing up. I’m very sorry for the interruption – thanks for being so patient while we got this fixed!


Table 4164794 not updating.
Table 4164774 not showing.
4164776 - 4164780 - 4164798 all not showing.


4185105 not updating.
4185114 and 4185122 not showing.


4206911 not updating.
4206901 and 4206934 not showing.


4228168 not updating.
4228174 not showing.


Tournament stats not appearing on table 4234776.



4236483 not updating.
Not showing: 4236475 - 4236477 - 4236478 - 4236479 - 4236495 - 4236505 - 4236509

I don’t think it’s per table, but per tourney. The problem always affect all tables in the same tourney. These tables are all in tournament 2066884.