Table Freezes - September Update


Update: Our tech team is currently doing a rolling restart of affected servers. I’ll have more information for you soon!


Thanks for the prompt attention. I’ve been notifying folks at some tables.


Thanks Fizzy!!


Servers are beginning to come back online. I’ll report back once the process is complete.


Thanks for the update is it almost running again


Hi there! Just letting you know that the 5k MTT Satellite (#1989270) has been frozen for about an hour. Assuming this is the same issue… (edit: well… all but one of the tables is frozen. Doesn’t seem to be rebalancing tables)


Bankroll Builder was frozen 1 hour and came back with blinds 5K/10K instead of 150/300 ! What will you do for that ?


Still frozen on number of the beast game


i am going down in money on board but no game is playing


We’re still working on those restarts! I’m so sorry that it’s taking a bit of time. Because individual servers are coming up, some tables in some tournaments might be working while others don’t. Once everything is working correctly again, we’ll be issuing refunds.


Thanks fizzymint. Keep up the good work :+1: and try not to get too stressed. Maybe have a cup of tea and a biscuit. I’m sure everything will be perfectly fine.


Why are you issuing refunds?? That’s extremely unfair for my table. I’m down to the last 3 (after playing for well over an hour) and 4th got paid off for 12k just before the freeze. I’ve a very big chip lead as well! Remaining prize money should be spilt between the 3 remaining palyers at the very least!!!


All tables should be back up and running normally again! Sorry for such a long interruption, but you can play safely again. :slight_smile:

Refunds will be issued as soon as possible. We will not be removing any chips from those who got prizes despite the outage, though we will be removing affected results from the leaderboard in the interest of fairness.


Thank you.


finally a place to report my cold cards ! lol
Knock on wood i have not had any frozen tables in a few months but the stats i notice allot about an hour or so in to the game
thank you for your hard work mint


4127132 not updating
4127118 not showing


when can i see my lost chips?


I was playing my game :
and when we reached final 2 tables ? the relocation process froze on all 10 players including me .
date : june / 7th / 2018 , time : 400 CT U.S.A
can you please help fix this issue ? it has been going on for a while now , and I am losing chips in my bank account . thank you .poker%20replay%20001


It seems to be happening on all the tables Blazer, I have contacted Player Support to let them know, and I am sure they will arrange refunds to all players who are affected.


I hope so , thank you very much Grapevine , much appreciated , this issue is been gong on for a while now .