Suggestions for improving Replay Poker


For the 3 seat sng games would it be possible to be seated at a 3 seat table rather than in 3 consecutive seats at a 6 seater. Even a triangular table with one player at each point for dramatic effect…


Well, that means there are at least 9 other players somewhat less happy about it than you are :slight_smile:


Give the Player Reps a course on basic tournament etiquette. Very weird to see a rep leading out on the flop with nada rather than checking down to eliminate an all-in on the bubble (no side pot in play). I’m sure there are other parts of the game that all the Reps should be familiar with so that they present the best possible face on the site. Maybe have a basics course so that they would even be able to answer simple questions at the table?


That’s fair, though I think one of them busted me out on the bubble of another tourney earlier today. What goes around comes around.


What about adding a column in the MTT lobby to show how many seats per table in each game? I don’t know if there is room for another column but if so, this would allow players to filter by their preferred format (HU,4,6,8 or 9 player tables).


Stereo typing, I don’t think all the Player Reps are in need of a course.

Just my take on the matter.




Larry - after seeing enough player reps taking actions that are contrary to basic poker etiquette and practice (especially in tournaments), I thought it worth mentioning. Nothing you can do when a player who doesn’t understand the concepts spews the table’s equity all over the place but IMO Reps should at least know the basics. Since it didn’t seem polite to point individuals out by name, I made a suggestion to give basic training to all of them. I don’t see how this would be anything but a positive for the site and I find it a little odd to see a Rep seemingly opposed to the idea. No shame in not knowing something, especially when the remedies are so easy and the result would reflect better on the site and on Reps as a whole.

ADDED: I should note that when I 1st started playing live tournaments, I didn’t know the dynamics of play on the bubble either and I made a mistake that caused the at-risk player to survive. I had no idea I did anything “wrong” until one of the more experienced players educated me. He was actually fairly nice about it considering that my play potentially cost every single player at the table (other than the all-in) actual money. While this isn’t poker for stakes, that doesn’t mean the same dynamics aren’t at play. For the average player, this isn’t an issue because they may very well have been like me and not understood it. I think that anyone who carries some connection with this site should know these things though, both for courtesy and so that they may help explain it to others.


I may be one of the reps you are talking about my friend but I have learned SO much over the past couple of months that I think I would not be on your lousy-playing-rep list any more.
I hope you’ll look me up some time, play a few hands and PM me if you disagree.
I’m eager to learn more than I knew yesterday :relaxed:


Hey @GrandyB - 1st of all, I don’t have a “lousy playing list”, at least not one that doesn’t include myself :slight_smile: I don’t think Reps should be held to any standard of play as I don’t think that’s their function here. All I was suggesting was that they be aware of some of the more common elements of poker etiquette, specifically on the bubble. Maybe that’s not their job either but what could it hurt? We are all learning, all the time.

GL my friend.


I’m saying I think you have a good idea…that maybe when a rep is brought in there should be some helpful suggestions and tips given.
I was a pretty bad player when I 1st came on as a rep (but didn’t know it).
Since then I have woodshedded on strategies by reading and watching youtube tutorials but I might have saved myself a lot of embarrassment had someone suggested I do so :relaxed:


What I’m trying to say I guess is that posting this to the public forum is (IMO) implying that ALL PlayerReps, don’t even know the basics of the game. Which is going to get a reaction from some PReps that may take it personal…

I am aware that isn’t the iintent…



I implied no such thing. However, in the interest of returning this thread back to a constructive one about suggestions to improve the site, I would be happy to delete the original comment and all those that followed. It was simple suggestion about play that I found odd coming from anyone affiliated with the site. Perhaps the more constructive approach would be to address how to counter that type of play when one encounters it? Its really quite simple - if you have players who do not understand the value of eliminating the all-in on the bubble, you either leave them on an island to defend alone or you do not give them the free (or cheap) opportunity to see the flop in the 1st place. This is not optimal for the table as a whole but it is a viable way to deal with a situation like this.


While I’m on a roll here, let me ask a question: Why would a tournament be cancelled prior to the registration period being over? I just went to register for the 15K Satellite to help it get started (7 players had already signed up of 9 minimum required). It was 3 minutes before scheduled start-time and instead of registering me, it told me registration was closed and that the game was cancelled. Had it accepted my registration, only 1 more player would have needed to register to meet the minimum. Why not give it up to the official start time before cancelling?


Hi 1Warlock

This happens because we have to nominate a point at which we start seating players. It takes a couple of minutes for the software to go through the steps of seating, allocating chips, updating the Lobby etc.

If more players register in this period, it can mess up calculations. Where all the tables are full for instance. If the deadline were the start time of the tournament, the tournament itself would start 2 or 3 minutes after the scheduled time.

In short we have to draw a line somewhere and 3 minutes is as late as feel we can do it.



Makes sense. Thanks.


stop deleting County’s posts


How does that improve Replay Poker? :thinking:




Doesn’t that reek of colluding?


It does, it is and its just a simple fact of tournament poker. So long as no-one has said “hey everyone, lets get this guy all-in and check it down to bust him”, its perfectly legal. It is common practice. There is no rule saying players can’t make strategic decisions to maximize their expectations. This practice does exactly that.

As with everything else in poker there are counter-strategies to help avoid this. You will likely only find yourself in this situation if you are extremely short stacked. That is why it is a bad idea to let yourself get this vulnerable. You are better off shoving Q9o with 8BB than AQs with 2BB. In the 1st case you have fold-equity, giving you 2 ways to win the pot: you can force everyone else to fold or you may win the hand if called.

Tournament poker is a different beast than cash games. Different variables come into play because of things like the money-bubble, varying stack depths, increasing blinds and so on. One of the biggest mistakes people make is letting themselves become too short. As the short stack, you are the most vulnerable player on the table. You are a target for everyone. The shorter your stack, the more vulnerable you become. There is a saying that your stack is a weapon and the pot is a shield. Don’t let your weapon become irrelevant to the size of the shield.