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I agree Royal would need to be excluded, there’s only 20 cards in the deck. But, I’m not so sure about Omaha or Omaha High-Low. I wonder how difficult it would be to do a quick historical review to see how often such beats occur in those games? I know at the Station Casinos in and around Las Vegas, their big beat jackpot does apply to both Omaha and Hold’em–but, as far as I know, those are the only games they spread. Perhaps some Las Vegas or Reno player/dealer/floor-person could answer that (we have several players claiming a tie to LV or Reno).


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The late registration periods for satellites run from 5 to 15 minutes. 15 minutes seems awfully long for a satellite, which tend to be fairly short. Maybe make them all 5 minutes, if you need to have them at all for these types of games?


We really like this idea! We’re going to look into the feasibility of running a promotion centered on poker education.

This is a great point and your version does look more visible. We’re avoiding changing things about the table before HTML 5, but we’ve noted your idea!

Not sure, actually! We do want to make the Lobby as easy as possible to navigate. We are going to check with our devs to see if it would take much work to add something like this.

“Bad Beat” types of promos are a common suggestion and on our radar, but probably not any time soon.

We’re always thinking about late registration. I am not sure if we’ll change it at this point, but be assured that we’re open to making potential adjustments.


I just realized I typed next “site” instead of next table but I think you know that :relaxed:


I would love to see a new game of 6 card Texas Hold’em. Everything the same except no dad burned river card to keep ruining my tournament day. LOL I get knocked out of more than half the tournaments I play in by that river card.


Any chance we could get a regular high-stakes bounty MTT scheduled, perhaps with a 50K-100K buy-in?

I used to enjoy playing that format as I was coming up in the stakes (and, of course, still enjoy the monthly Bust The Staffs!), as it makes significant shifts to ICM considerations which I find really interesting. However, it looks like the highest buy-in for a bounty game is 10K for a knockout SnG, and 7500 for the Bounty Hunter / Bounty Brawl MTTs. My bankroll has over 500 buy-ins for those tournaments, so it doesn’t make sense for me to drop that far down in stakes to play them.


That reminds me of this WSOP hand. What a way to bust out.


Don’t get too excited, the site is just a river winning joke…


That was sick.


We liked this idea! We’ll be adding two 100k bounty events at the beginning of June. Battle of Heroes at 3:30 am ET will be changed to a 2.5M GTD with 100k entry. (66,500 entry + 28,500 bounty + 5,000 fee.)

We’ll also add a new tournament at 3:30 pm ET with the same configuration.

As always, we’ll need to keep an eye on participation, but if these prove to be popular, we’d be happy to add more throughout the day.


I wonder how difficult it would be to implement an option to show only one card (when folding the winning hand) in the still developing HTML5 version.
I tend to show too often at times and players start reading me better but 1 card wouldn’t reveal as much.


Unbelievable - Odds 1:1.2 Billion!! OMG!!!


More freeplay Please. Thanks for a Great Site! Best Wishes All… Happy Memorial Day…And Thanks to All that served and esp. to All that gave the ultimate! Peace and Love


Moderation of the forum could lighten up…


Hi Everyone

Please check out the three new 100,000 entry tournaments now in the Lobby.

Bounty Adventure scheduled at 03:30 ET and Bounty Glory at 15:15 ET reward players with a 28,500 Bounty for eliminations and have a 2 Million prize pool.

We decided to completely replace Battle of Heroes rather than modify it.

There is also a standard 100,000 tournament added at 10:30 ET called Indian Summer, also with a 2 million chip guarantee.




It must be nice to be able to afford to play in those…some day :relaxed:


Was just looking around and noticed the Astral Pegasus League SnG only had 6-max games available. Was there a reason the site didn’t include the 9 player games as well? I see that the low board has a specific 2.5K 9-player game but the medium board has both 6 and 9 player options for both leagues in that category.

I need another hobby other than looking around at stuff :slight_smile:


Hi 1Warlock, yes that was deliberate.

We expected that 9 max SnG at 100,000 would fail to start more often due to insufficient runners

Looking at the numbers though, 9 max sng actually run more often in the Astral League than 6 max.

We are considering whether to introduce 9 max Pegasus



Nine collected bounties and a second place finish later, I’m loving the new 100K bounty tournaments! Thanks for taking the suggestion.