Suggestions for improving Replay Poker


i see only one thing that needs to be improved: graphics on playing tables.
everything else is great!


What do you have in mind so all can have input ?


Just wanted to thank the site for implementing some great changes for 2018. Among them was the elimination of the double-bubble in the SnGs for the leaderboards. I am hoping this will increase traffic to that part of the site. I look forward to coming back to play them again. Well done!


Why do we have late registration to begin with if you can’t make the game on time then you DON’T play it. Plain and simple. Just my thought’s .


Have you considered a Replay Poker Hall of Fame? Just a list of all time top ten monthly scores. Just a pride thing. Players could list their home towns if they want. I think it would be fun and not difficult to set up.


I’m happy to announce that we added this functionality today! In the SnG Lobby, you can now check the “Hide Empty” box and it should be much easier to find a game that’s just about ready to go:

Hopefully this also makes the tab a bit less of a resource hog on your computer. :slight_smile:


Had Coldplay ask me if Replay could return Tournament of Champions back to a money game instead of points and raise the pot because quote “it’s a Tourney of the Best and pays the least”



Awesome Ash thank you. Great idea Sassy :+1:t2:


Does anyone here at replay realize that the sun doesn’t rise and set on tournys? There are loads of people that prefer ring games …yet nothing is ever done to improve or make the play more fun for players of these games…almost all posts are about tournys…just a thought


ME TOO! I can’t tell you how many monster hands have been folding trying to raise. It isn’t easy to raise with this software. It is very FRUSTRATING!


I can not stand slow play and wish that this site would offer true turbo turnys with 5 sic time


First of all, trying to place on the Leaderboard made poker much more fun to play! I was thinking that having a tourney where players are encouraged to discuss hand play etc would be fun. We could save hands and after the tourney discuss the action and was we could either improve our play would be fun for me. I like talking play but know some players are annoyed by the chatter etc. I haven’t been on here long, but I enjoy learning from players. Getting an opponent perspective helps.



Change Graphic for ADD CHIPS Button

I hope its a simple fix… For Rebuy MTTs and all RING GAMES
Especially when playing Rebuys, players may not know how to Rebuy when they still have chips, because a Popup window opens at ‘0’ chips. The low entry fees draw a lot of new players to Rebuys - folks who are not as yet familiar with all the features.

Simply changing the lettering from yellow/gold to white makes it much more visible…


What Say You… Replay?

p.s. I already have the graphic… in any format (png, jpg, tiff, gif) so just let me know if you want me to forward it…


Great point! :+1:


I just went thru this whole thread and didn’t see my suggestion listed.
I sometimes find it frustrating to click on a table in the lobby when it jumps around every few seconds.
I played at another site in the past that would allow one to use the up/down arrows to select the next site.
Would having that option be difficult to integrate?



It seems to me that there ought to be some sort of consolation prize for the loser of a hand like this.
#386585326 Most casinos have a terrible beat prize of some sort. This surely qualifies.
Notice they both hit their hands on the same card. It was exactly the WRONG card for one of them. Glad I had folded.


That was a heart breaker Alan.


Perhaps a single chip per player per hand could go into a Bad Beat pool and if the specified criteria (modeled on what some casinos use) is met then the pool pays. Quads losing to a Royal is definitely a qualifier!


Something like that was my thought, but probably more like 1 chip per deal rather than one per player in ring games only. 4,6, or 9 chips times all the deals is an awful lot of chips. Beats like this simply can’t happen all that often; gotta be rare as hen’s teeth. I think I’ve only seen quads lose twice in 2.25 years of play.

The “usual” standard is the loser MUST use BOTH hole cards (if trips are on board, the fifth card “counts, but is irrelevant.”) (if quads are on board, NO ONE qualifies as they can’t use both hole cards) and MUST be at least Aces full* losing to QUADS or better. Also, the one who wins the prize (by losing the hand) usually gets 50% of the jackpot, the person who beat him gets 25% of the jackpot, and the others at the table, unless sitting out on break, share the rest of the jackpot equally. The jackpot is NOT available in tournaments of any kind, only ring games and that’s the only source of the chips to pay out the jackpot except for any guaranteed minimum.

  • I’d rather see quads losing to higher quads or better, but Aces full is the usual standard.


If you include Omaha H/L ring games then I think you’ll find bad beats happening more often. Also, I don’t think Royal games would be included. Or, another thought, separate pools for separate types of games/levels?