Suggestions for improving Replay Poker


How about Themed tables example: Gardening tables …sport tables… quiet tables… Bingo tables lol then people can’t moan about how someones talking at " their" table.
Most people are sociable and enjoy a good laugh and some banter. Others don’t like it at all.
That would solve many problems and reduce some people from getting over anxious and swearing and cussing!
Because they would have the choice of what type of table they wish to play.
Just a suggestion :slight_smile:


@yiazmat ,
In the long run the slower table gets faster, and the faster table slows a bit… but that way for example, if you are playing both regionals… the “ding” is the same warning length on both tables, and should be enuff time, barely, to act… say min 4 seconds…

The best thing is you have time when you need it, and the other 75% of the hands its refreshing by itself… and that really is a win-win for all players…


Thanks Fizzy - always great to hear from you and thanks for keeping all of us in the loop.

After playing more of the medium SnG’s in the past few days, the thing I notice most is how quickly the games run out of play. By that I mean the blinds rise so quickly that players become short-stacked incredibly fast. By the time people are even familiar with each other, the ability to 3-bet or play draws or re-raise bluff is just gone. Decisions become very 1-dimensional; fold, call, shove.

I’ve been playing some SnG’s for stakes on another site and while they aren’t hugely deep affairs, they have a ton more playability that the ones here do. I may be making a mistake by even trying to compare the 2 experiences but I do enjoy the other format a lot more. Having the ability to make a few moves in a game really elevates the overall level of play, IMO.

Anyway, it would be really nice if we could tweak the games a bit to make them deeper. Even bumping out the blind levels from 6 minutes to 8 would be a good start (and maybe 10 for the high stakes?). Ideally, I’d love some actual deep games but for now would really love any extra depth that could be scrounged out without too much effort. IMO, games with higher buy-ins should give more room for players to actually play. As things stand, they really don’t.

Don’t mean to gripe - just trying to nudge a little :slight_smile:

Would it be of any benefit to open a thread to see what other players feel about this?


do you mean that this “header” thing where all the quotes that are added are saved? and where is it?




From the home page header, log in, bounus chips collected will show and then a random qoute in the box . With your new chip Balance


oh ok, you are referring to the standard daily log-in quote/chips.

probably misunderstanded you, because i thought you were referring to something where you could see all added quotes together.


No but I’m not giving up hope lol :joy:


I agree with the idea of having extra time to decide whether to follow an all-in or not. While a time bank might be complicated to implement, perhaps having 1.5x time to decide on an all-in?

What I find that slows play are players who take the entire clock just to decide whether or not to call the BB pre-flop. EVERY TIME! And, they mostly fold. I would suggest a quicker clock just to call the BB pre-flop.

Finally, and the reason I came here… the high buy-in tournaments are few and far between. I cannot count the number of times I’ve missed the 10 minute late buy-in by a minute or two. So, I would suggest a longer late buy-in for these tournaments, either 15 minutes or cut-off at the second bump of the BB.


Thank you for letting me see what the site is considering in the future.
Regardless of if my specific suggestion is implemented, it is nice seeing
some form of feedback.

E. Matthew Faulhaber
aka Cairn Destop


Good questions. With a small team, it’s tough giving specific timelines, but what I can say is that our resources are almost entirely focused our new poker server and converting from Flash to HTML 5. These projects are really important to us, and once they’re complete, we’ll be able to get through many other player suggestions much more quickly. There are many improvements we aren’t able to make until we move away from Flash, as the work would essentially have to be done twice, and would take away from our major priorities.

Smaller items are more likely to get done in the interim. For instance, improving our Satellites is more a matter of our Poker Ops team evaluating how they should be changed, and will require relatively little dev work compared to, say, adding a time bank, which is why that’ll happen sooner.


sounds logical, thx for the information.


Pass this along please, under Sit&Go Tournaments, 110% you need a [ ] for Hide Empty Tables … my god the lagg I get because it tries to update 100 SnGs…
Be nice to be able to (radio) select more than just 1 type @ same time… but geeze, please I beg you put it in the pipeline asap to find a way to Hide Empty Tables.

(edit) the amount of combined bandwidth savings for Replay would be huge !!!


Apparently many players are either having trouble finding the FOLD button or their button is inoperable. Maybe someone could look into this to see what the issue is? :wink:


Hey Fizzy - as a follow up question, do you have an ETA on when the conversion to HTML5 will be finished? As a follow up to that follow up, can someone explain to those of us not versed in tech-speak what this conversion will do from the player perspective? Thanks as usual for the time and effort put in to answering our questions.


I can’t give a very specific ETA, since unexpected roadblocks can pop up, but I can tell you that we should have this conversion complete next year.

The biggest difference that players will see once we ditch Flash is you’ll finally be able to play on mobile devices! This is really what we’re aiming for. We regularly get folks who sign up and then message support wondering why it won’t run correctly on their phones or tablets. We really want to make the client accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they’re at their computer or on an iPad.

Flash is also notoriously fickle and unstable. The client will frequently not work right if it’s not updated. More and more developers avoid it, and of course there was just an announcement that Adobe is abandoning it in a few years. HTML 5 will allow for a much smoother experience for everyone.

Once we switch, that also opens up the opportunity to improve the UI as a whole. We’ll be able to have a full screen that actually looks decent. We can make sure those check boxes aren’t as annoyingly close together. We can add the emoticons that people have been asking about for quite some time!

Hope that helps!


Thank you for pointing this out! We’re going to try to add the option to hide empty tables in the SnG Lobby sooner rather than later.


One of the best features of this site is the ability to review and share hands. It would be nice if we could pause the playbacks rather than having to watch them straight through to the end. Sometimes there are a lot of moving parts and there isn’t enough time to absorb everything going on in real time. Possible to add in the HTML5 version?


Great idea and yes, it is possible.


Improving the replayer is one of Chasetheriver’s biggest passions! He really, really wants to implement that ASAP once those big projects are done.

We are called Replay Poker – it makes sense to prioritize making it as useful as possible. We plan to add what you’ve mentioned as well as go back/skip ahead, and perhaps a couple of other bells and whistles that would help with poker education.