Suggestions for improving Replay Poker


I don’t really care who is watching , but the players I stalk might care.




It took a while thanks to various holidays and obnoxious internet connections, but we finally had our meeting addressing community suggestions!

I wanted to let you know that we really liked your suggestions. A time bank is something many players have asked for, and we’re looking into adding it, but we want to make sure we do it right. Some tables may not have a time bank, for instance, if they want a faster game. Chip chop is a fun idea, but not a major priority for us right now. We do love the trophy/bracelet idea and we’ll look into how to incorporate that idea. We’re planning on beginning with adding tournament-specific achievements, like for Gemstone Leagues, Regional Leagues, etc.

We love both of these ideas and hope to add them sooner rather than later.

This is on our roadmap! It might have to be after HTML 5, but many players would like to see this option, as well as being able to see who those spectators are.

Cool idea, but probably not something we will implement. We may reconsider after our larger projects are complete.

We’re evaluating how difficult it would be to add an option to disable broadcasts and dealer chat before we switch to HTML 5, so hopefully that can be a setting we have without waiting for a major change.

Improving our statistics is on the roadmap!

We use a third party (Discourse) for our forum software. We may not always use it, but we’ll likely always use a third party because we’d rather spend our development resources on the site itself.

This is on the roadmap!

Excellent insights. We’re looking at a lot of the things you mentioned – tournament types and scheduling, encouraging smarter play, late registration, the chip economy, etc. We are focusing on poker room optimization pretty hard. We’re also in talks to get a downloadable hand history that you can analyze soon, as this is something we think is important for both education and fairness perception. Scalable satellites will be coming quite soon.

We didn’t have time to address quite everything we got, but we did get through a lot! We have another meeting about this in just a couple of weeks, so don’t hesitate to keep the suggestions coming. :slight_smile:


Tks for tht update but a few things prolly were miss’d. I know you prolly have a file on me & my suggestions that I hopefully won’t repeat in this reply.

Main Page : everything way to big, I have a 19" std display… everything is not visible at same time. Most ppl don’t scroll down, and the forum part is not visible in my basic view ( non scrolled ). Profit/loss only on Ring ( “tab” it and offer all 3 ). The tiny way to re-seat to a table should always go to the table, not a lobby in the case of a MTT/SnG

Promotions page : Pretty happy with, wish the new collapsable headings stay’d that way during my whole visit.

Pulldown on my Name from top bar :
Statistics : We need dropdown choices for what to display thats relevant for us, and saved thru our profile… maybe offer some standard choices better than now, and allow for some user chosen stats too
Toplists : Better choices possibly custom… saved in settings, but @least add a 11th line … where I rank !!! Just like you do on all the leaderboards… it might give 1-100, but show I’m 564th … do that on toplist page
Rest of choices seem pretty good as is.

Off Main, in pending friend requests… Please, Please, give us a better way to delete multiple requests @ once… I have like 350 pending that u pay to store, but too hard to do that 1 @ a time, so I don’t bother.

Lobby Tab :

In SnG/Ring if you see ppl waiting or ppl @ table and click on thier name, I just want what I would normally see when I’m on a table, that little popup with quick info… NOT send me to thier profile page… waste of time that is, and makes me go back, thus loading the whole lobby again.
In SnG, need a “hide empty option”… lol…
In MTT, Fix favorites… yes (fix), if I check off the BankrollBuilder 500 B&R, all of them should become check’d…currently it goes by MTT ID, but the same tourn 3 hrs apart is still the same tourn. Same goes for MTTs like the 150k freeroll, even if it is not holdem all the time, its still the 150k freeroll isn’t it ?? Since scheduling is a whole different discussion, I won’t go into that here, since I did in other posts…

(edit) since no chat :sob:, then we need to be able to msg ppl that are not friends, if there are problems, just let each person have a “block these ppl” list, and sender would know " that person blocked you" so they didn’t keep trying.


Ohh and Fizzy.

I like the broadcasts & junk… just let us have a expandable chat box for a few xtra lines, since size of table takes 1/4 my screen, it could extend even thru a popup into that dead space… disable info should be user selectable easily this way.


Anything else ? Lol :rofl:


No chat :cry:


nice to hear all those idea’s are taken into consideration and many of them will be used.

just have two question and two suggestion:

question 1: since this are so much idea’s, what is the time range that is nessecary to add one of those things and all those things?

question 2: which thing(s) will be added the earliest?

suggestion 1: you mentioned you probably won’t add a time bank on the faster tables. but instead of not adding it at all, you might consider adding one of 5 seconds instead of 30. 5 might be not much but that’s just the point. it gives the opportunity to at least think out something difficult a little bit, and it’s so low that it can’t piss off the hasty people.

suggestion 2: i think the time bank idea and the statistic idea are the best idea’s that are given. so if possible, can you add these first? (except for the things that are very quick and easy to add of course)


Maybe you go back to the orig poster of a bank, me… and see that format & your suggestion would be unnecessary. Just a thought Yiaz




Thanks for all your comments & suggestions yiazmat… :man_student:
Even the unnecessary ones… :smirk:
Keep on keeping on Brother :sunglasses:


probably a stupid question, but which post are you referring to?


The time bank idea appears to have been around for some time now. Maybe one day…sigh…

Cartman Mar '11
20 seconds is a little better for the pace of the game since people tend to lose track of the table if browsing in another window or generally multitasking. If you’ve become involved in a hand that requires serious thought as to whether to call or fold, perhaps a time-bank option would be a good addition.


MrReplay Mar '11
I think a time-bank option is a great idea, would anyone care to explain for those unfamiliar how they work in practice? As for a special gentlemen’s table with a time limit of 1 minute, I like this idea too, maybe if we let member’s create their own tables then you can configure it to however you like it including the length of the time limit.


I was reffering to “Lets talk MTT Timers”, but I hadn’t seen the earlier ones. I deffer as not being the 1st … as to the exact final times… both timers should “ding” with same time left, a minimal recoup time so it won’t get abused, and not much xtra from what we have now or everything slows down… kinda wasn’t my point.


how about a hi low game where the puter Does Not tell us what our current hi or low is. call it a Master’s game


how about a link to see all the quotes that are posted daily at the top of the screen.


Hi Kravpoker,

There is a forum post where you can read the daily quotes and post your own if you want. Here’s a link:



it’s indeed a good 1 to see what’s posted and to post some yourself. but it doesn’t say which one are actually accepted as daily quotes.


ah ok. my one wan’t really meant to point out when the “ding” should show up. what i meant was that fizzy said they probably won’t add a time bank for the faster tables because of the fact that it loses the reason it’s a fast table that way. so i meant to say that instea of not adding it at all, you can add a shortened version of it, and as example only 5 seconds.


I’ve seen some of your quotes posted in the header as well as others who post quotes in the forum threads. That’s where Replay gets them besides the Pro Players Qoutes :+1:t2: