Suggestions for improving Replay Poker


Probably the best indicator I can think of would be if someone did not play for 6 months and see if their rating went up or down and by what percentage.

  1. Get Craig involved again !! :grin:


@Seville. I didn’t play for 30 days when I was in surgical rehab 2 months ago but logged in everyday.

Even though my chip count went up 75,000 my rating went down 18 points.


This is one of the ways I’ve been keeping track and yes, there is inflation by this measure. Scratch made a similar observation in another post. You can observe it yourself by watching where the 1000 ranked player falls from week to week and month to month. That benchmark requires more and more chips to reach as time has gone on.


I have never played on PKR… although I do really like the fold and show I get really annoyed when they show only one and its crap…lol . Not in a very good mood lately and this site is annoying me more and more so maybe its a good thing we can’t do that yet.


What’s wrong Sharon ?



As I said in the topic Warlock mentioned… WTF are we SnG/MTT players doing paying 10% off the top as a rake every time we enter, yet the Ring players sometimes don’t even pay 1% of just the bets preflop… seriously, 5 ppl pay 40k blinds and the rake is 1k of 200k… give me a frick’n break. I’ve seen 1m in the pot preflop, and still the rake is 1k… thats .1% …


I love this idea. Some of the tournaments here give you such a short stack that the game turns into a complete crapshoot within 20 minutes. This also encourages people to gamble and make irrational plays, because there’s often no other choice. It’s push or get blinded out.


how about a new format which costs 5K. players will play 10 hands for half a thousand each and every hand would be all in. If I win the first all in hand, I’ve collected 4500 and that is put aside, then the next hand with everyone pre-bet for 500 to see who wins. After those ten hands, some have more then others and the rest of the play is like normal at a higher blind level. Of the nine players I might have won twice and two people would be out. I would be tied at 9000 with one other against 5 more with 4500. Blinds might start at 1k2k with no ante for a few rounds.

Just something new


Why didn’t I mention this before, as I’ve dreamed of this in real life not just on line, where It would be easier.

How about a game of duplicate poker, like duplicate bridge. I want to see who Is the best player by knowing how they would bet with the same cards as each other. One style has each of us playing against bots that will bet raise or fold by set parameters, when we each play and some of us bet more than others or go all in and lose. We could see who wins the most in a certain amount of time.

Another approach is to have, say five tables and everyone in seat 1 has the same cards, and we will see in an hour how many from each seat are still around and how soon each of us has lost. the top players in each seat get the big prize.

I say this at a real table and I’ll say it here, whether these ideas are workable or even worthy, Duplicate style is the best way to see who is the best player, and it will come around some day.


They have been using this, along with mirror-image poker to test out AI vs live players. You can play bots approximating GTO on sites like pokersnowie now. Very good to see how you stack up vs the gazillion people who have played before you.


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As I just lost in a typical freeroll game, and Idea came to me. 1 time Buy in for 1000 chips. It would have been nice for that bust-the-staff game I also lost.


Never happen. It wouldn’t be a freeroll. Why would you want to pay to play ?. The bust the staff tourney today took in 472 players at 1000 chip entry each.


I don’t know if all bust the staff tourneys are freeroll, but a chance for re entry in them would be nice. I got my free chance to win, and lost, the option to chip in or ticket in for one last chance would be worthy of consideration.


The bust the staff is not a freeroll, it costs 1k to enter … and it would not be good if they made it a rebuy tournament… so you might be waiting a long time…

As for the 1k entry fee, you get 2500 chips free each day if you just log in each day… thats 1500 more than you need to enter a 1k MTT such as the bust the staff tourny.


The delay time for disconnection is way too short, given the fact that the fault usually lies with the site, and one is often on a big hand.


My idea for a new tournament

We got the players so why not…


Another small idea, how about the spectator number be a link or a drop down to show who’s watching?


We were told it’s being worked on now.