Suggestions for improving Replay Poker


Thanks. GREAT suggestions. Extremely well presented. Bet we see some improvements, clever and exciting additions to site thanks to YOU.


Great suggestions, in favor of all. How about a “fold and show” button?


Excellent idea!!!


Good suggestions but the not sure about Trophies and Bracelets, one of the other sites I played on gave them out never paid much attention to them I don’t look at what the other players rating is or what awards they have I just play my cards. Replay already give out rewards for different accomplishments do they really need more?

Great Suggestions


Yes,forget the trophys and bracelets but please give us the FOLD N SHOW option!


will flash become a part of cell phones any time soon?


::flicking my finger across my nose::


the fold and show idea is just a part of something bigger. Could there be a casual hold 'em game where the turn, river, and everyone’s cards are shown? This type of game is scheduled and these changes do not apply to all games. The double blind analysis factor makes for a great time.


it would be fun if we could give gifts like back in the day of my space poker like drinks or whatever … it was kinda fun


No that is over soon. With websites and mobile platforms moving over to next generation HTML5 , Adobe Flash announced it will cease operations in 3 years, 2020.

Flash had a good run but to many holes and hacks.


Don’t be silly,fold and show is part of poker…even WSOP. It would be great to be able to show an great fold to yor opponent if you chose and also to show a great bluff. Going one step further would be nice to show just one card to leave the other person guessing!


Hahahaha, Hahahaha


On another site I used to play on you could fold and show , either both or just one card . Was fun , I enjoyed it. Sadly that site is no longer around or I would still be there.


I would like to see limits on how many players can enter on freerolls. perhaps 150


I don’t mind how many can enter as it drives up the winning chip amounts. It’s the length of the damn late registrations that so many wait till the last minute for that drives me crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great site and great staff and a lot of nice people here. I appreciate the site for what it is and I think it is the best social poker site out there by a huge margin. That being said, there are things I would love to see here.

  1. Emphasize solid, fundamental poker playing as the primary focus of the site. That means revamping the way leaderboards and promotions are handled. Don’t take away the added competition people enjoy but please align the interests of all players so that winning is the strategy rather than not losing.

  2. Allow for analytical software, either integrated into the site or make the hands exportable so players can use 3rd party programs. This site could be a valuable teaching tool if players had the ability to analyze their play properly. Maybe in the next iteration this could be included? IMO, this would be the thing that separates this site apart from all its competitors as an actual poker site and not just a social one.

  3. Work up some new MTT and SnG formats to cater to more strategic players. Longer blind levels, deeper stacks … If I could, I would revamp the MTTs entirely to have a certain number of short, medium and longer format games within each stake level and time. I would also add a new category of MTT that is very popular live, Deepstacks events.

  4. Address chip inflation - rake at low levels is quite high, as it is almost everywhere. The caps at higher stakes rings are not just low but almost insignificant in relation to the pot. Cap at 1% or something but not at small fractions of a percent. Lots of chips to be drained from the system that could be used for promotions etc without contributing to an inflationary economy. I’d run the chip economy like chips were real money.

  5. Work on the late registration thing, especially for satellites. Some of the registration periods are crazy-long, IMO. Scalable and proportional payouts for satellites would also be great.

I hope this isn’t seen as being overly critical because it isn’t meant that way. This site is great and has so much potential to be even better. I wouldn’t even bother making suggestions like this for playWPT or WSOP or others because they don’t have a quality platform to begin with. This place does. This site can come close to bridging the gap between play-chip and cash poker. I find that to be exciting and would love to see it happen.


I think we may have played at the same site Sharon and you are right it was a fantastic place and i miss it too! C’mon Replay give us the fold n show!


Hi Warlock,

Nice article. I have one question. Why do so many people on the forum assume that there is chip inflation at the site?
I really don’t see any obvious indicators that there is. We don’t really have the data to make much of an assessment. If someone totaled up the entire rake for every tournament and every sng game for a 24 hour period you might establish a pretty good idea of chip reduction to a closed economy. On the deficit side we could look at guaranteed tournaments that do not take in enough to cover the pay outs, freerolls , daily free chips to all players for signing in, etc. We would still need to know how many chips are sold on an average day, and the total costs of site operation. We also have no idea how many chips are sitting in old accounts of people who have passed away or others who for any reason may never return to the site to access those chips. So those chips are not part of the total active econom and cannot contribute to inflation. don’t know if there is any chip inflation or not, but the site seems to be pretty healthy.and there is a large number of chips taken in offset the outgo.


Well stated Seville…

Gotta give Mr Replay credit. Replay is still HERE while glitzier, more popular, feature filled sites are not… He is tending the store well…


Hey Seville -

Good question and one I would like more data on as well. If you are looking for it though, you can see the signs of inflation here. It is something I’ve been trying to track with the little data I have and the anecdotal evidence from people who have been here a lot longer than I have been.

Whether you agree that inflation is occurring here or not, if you look at what happened to other social poker sites, you will conclude that inflation needs to be a major concern because once it gets out of control, its game over for the site. Look at WSOP for example - you have 2-billion chip buy-in games because they did not control the economy. There is no way I know of to put that genie back in the bottle once it gets out without losing a ton of players over the remedial actions necessary.

I’ve been wanting to do some forum pieces on this for a while now and keep putting it off. Sarah was kind enough to open a thread on it and I’ve just not held up my end of the bargain and followed through. I will make an attempt to do so shortly.