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Yes! Suggestions are still regularly read and discussed, though we don’t respond to every post – some suggestions are duplicates, some we might have to think more about, and right now, I’m a bit of a broken record until our big projects are complete. But please keep them coming. We have a scheduled meeting where we look over suggestions and decide whether we’d like to consider moving forward with them in the future.

This whole category is for suggestions and feedback, so you’re welcome to create a new post if you have a new idea, though it’s always good to use the search function and put in a key word to see if it’s already come up.


You are not alone in your practice of going all in during tournaments. About 30 percent of players in some of them are “all in” or “outrageous raises” experts. I’ve wondered if there is a way to request to be moved to another table. Outbidding everyone and then mucking so the bluffing ends up you bidding on imaginary cards 80 percent of the time. jmho…have nonmucking tables where you’re allowed a limit of bluffin times.


Blockquote How about a “fold and show” button?

As long as the show only happens after the hand is resolved, sure.


You just need to learn how to play against bullies.


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I may have mentioned this before so I apologize if this is a repeat. When I play live, many of the games have optional straddles. This adds another element to the game and maybe people would enjoy that here? At the very least, it helps break people of the habit of limping in every hand. I know bigger projects come first but maybe something to think about when those are finished.

Also, I was looking through the ring game lobbies and see that the only game with antes is in elite stakes. Just as with the straddle, antes add another element to the game that some people might enjoy. Antes change ranges and pot odds and encourage players to get involved more rather than just playing super-tight ranges, hoping for monster hands.

Thanks for considering these suggestions. Variety is nice and IMO, the more you can offer, the more players are likely to find games they enjoy.

Well heck, it looks like I got a piece of cake so this must be my anniversary of when I joined Replay Poker in 2016. Time flies.


There are a currently a couple of ring games in low stakes which include antes. I think at some point I have seen some ring games in medium stakes which included antes, but they may no longer exist or I could be mistaken in general. Definitely few and far between, however.


Thanks. I didn’t see them in the low stakes lobby but I could have missed them. I think it would be a nice option to have at any stakes though.


While this thread is still fresh, here’s one more request to do something about the chip inflation that is accelerating out of control. Before I came to this site, I played on WPT and WSOP. Not a lot but enough to accumulate lots and lots of chips. Both sites were jokes in terms of play because the chips were absolutely worthless and all the players knew it. Anyway, fast forward to today. I look in on WSOP once every few months and that is only because they send me emails with insane bonus offers just to log on. Earlier I received one of those emails, offering me 80,000,000 chips if I just log on within the next 3 days. That’s 80 Million chips for free if I simply click their email.

I never spent a dime on that site, didn’t play a high volume and have over 15 billion chips. So, even the offer of 80 million for nothing isn’t much of an incentive to me. 80 million or 1 billion or whatever - the site isn’t interesting to me so I don’t care. That place is an extreme example of what happens when the chips become meaningless. Does this site want to continue further down that road? Maybe its more profitable to use that model but the cost would be the loss of all people who are interested in the game of poker.

I want this site to do well. I’ve been very outspoken in my belief that this place can fill a niche that no one else has touched and remain a quasi-poker site. It has the opportunity to be the only credible play-chip poker site in the world. I see that opportunity slipping away day by day and week by week as the site’s currency loses value. There is no going back once they cross a certain threshold and no one knows exactly where that line is. Please, break the caps on rake and start actively doing something to manage this economy now. IMO, it has gone unaddressed for way too long and a lot of damage has already been sustained. No reason for it to continue unless the site is abandoning the thought of being a poker site altogether.


I got a 100,000,000 chip offer from PokerStars to come back.
I clicked it to see if it was a mistake but sure enough just for logging in they gave 100M chips.
I played them for about 20 minutes and couldn’t take the craziness anymore and skedaddled on back to RP.

umm what are straddles?


An additional “blind raise.” In a 1-2 game, a straddle would be a blind bet of 4. It has the same option to then “raise itself” that the current big blind has. It encourages idiot play (you don’t yet have any cards, you understand), but does make bigger pots.
ADDED: Now and then, you’ll see this in live games from a hyper-aggressive or desperate player, who usually goes broke pretty quickly.


Thanks Alan, I’d never even heard the term before.


I’ve seen unchecked inflation literally put a site out of business.

I won’t name the site, but their “solution” was to multiply the daily bonus by 10… twice in about 3 months. I don’t even know the name for how many chips I had, whatever comes after quintillions. There wasn’t enough time to type in a bet; the “standard” open was like 12 billion.

A lot of the top players left, so there was never a highest stakes game available. To find a game, we had to play down so many stakes that the max buy-in was less than 1 BB at the tables we wanted to play. A total waste of time, that.

Anyway, that site is no longer in business.


@GrandyB - surprisingly, @Alan25main did give a correct description of what straddle is before he went off the rails into a rude and uninformed comment on their use and affect on games. I’m trying to figure out a way to respond to that bit and will likely do so some other time. Amazing what some people write while bearing a designation tying them to the site.

So even a giant free chip offer like that couldn’t persuade you to spend more time on that site. I think you will find many people who have experienced the same thing and will not go back to those other sites. My hope is that Replay Poker isn’t on the way to becoming one of them.


And where do you see this site on the spectrum from ‘1’ being absolutely stable and in no danger of inflation and ‘10’ being too far gone to salvage? I think you have demonstrated your affinity for this place for as long as I’ve been here and probably longer than that. Hopefully, opinions like yours will carry some weight. Its more than a little concerning to me that not a thing has been done to address this issue despite its obvious negative impact and the requests of many of the more involved players here.


I would say it’s currently about a 4. Still, with no correction mechanism in place, it’s only a matter of time.

It’s kind of like saying that the Earth is running out of oil. It might not be an immediate concern, but now is a good time to start finding solutions.


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  1. I am new here but like the place, how about adding backgammon, something to do other than play poker

  2. Poker with a 32 card deck, 7’s to Ace…is this possible ?



As for solutions, just lop the last few digits off of everyone’s bankroll one day, rounding any fraction up, and I don’t think people can legitimately complain about it.

And then introduce a rake mechanic that counter balances the inflation.

And stop giving away large amounts of free chips. Keep the daily bonus small, but then maybe limit the number of bonuses given each day to the first N players, or a random N players each day.


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