Suggestions for improving Replay Poker


It is possible to choose a favourite seat already. When you are seated in a MTT you can move round the table using the curved arrows in the top right-hand corner of the screen, next to the word “lobby”. You can do this each time you are moved to a different table.

Hope this helps.


Lol snap Miri :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Snap, Grapevine! But your explanation is much more “professional”. :slight_smile:


Guys!!! and Gals!!!

Thanks very much for that information.

I did not know you could do that!!!

See - you can teach an old dog new tricks!!



I hear ya, before I discovered the feature (or was told about it) I would go to tables looking for my favorite seat to be open…what a waste of time!


Yeah, you can move your seat, but it would be nice if it remembered where you like to sit and just sat you there every time.


I’m too lazy to go back and see if anyone’s suggested this, but what if the rating system was a point system based on where you finish in tournament. Forget ring games. Go with points for SNG’s and MTT’s. If you finish in the chips you get points. Maybe, just maybe, the bigger the tournament buy in the more points, but I’m NOT married to that idea.


Yeah, I agree, player reps shouldn’t have to bother reading comments from the players.


Half a grapefruit and a lemon seed to you, SunPowerGuru.


There are places that keep leaderboards based on ROI. Some divide boards into bands of buy-ins and then also keep an aggregate score. I think this stat would be great to add to players’ statistics page. Players could decide to share this with each other or not but in general I don’t think anyone’s data should be made public as the default setting.



Since you are so sagacious and a player rep perhaps you would be so kind as to explain what the stacks mean??
I have no idea!!!
I keep looking at them hoping for some inspiration but it totally eludes me!!

Probably something really simple and another DUH!! moment.



If you guys install a timebank u can have 2.000,000.000 of my chips taken out of the game. GIVE US A TIMEBANK


Hi everyone,
hessman has asked me if I could put in a recommendation to replay. Saying that it would be nice to have an attendance award. He said that he has 400+ days without missing a day. I agree with hessman It only adds to an incentive to keep going with out missing a day all year. Maybe a yearly award. :slight_smile:

Thank you Mark


The whole awards system need an overhaul. Yes, i understand it’s mostly for new players, but almost everyone I see is at level 50 - champion and has all the awards.

They should add some new ones and maybe levels to the existing ones. For example, add X2, X5, X10 to the existing awards to take them to new levels.

Also, add the flag for the Isle of Man. They do have a flag, you know. I clicked someone’s name on a table the other day and was shocked and outraged that they didn’t have a flag next to their name!! OK, maybe not shocked or outraged exactly, it was more of a very minor annoyance, hardly worth mentioning really. Still they should have a flag!


gee wiz guys,sometimes I feel like i’m back in grade school with all the talk about badges and awards lol


“Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!”


I don’t care about earning badges.

When they first introduced the awards, they added a little useful information. The player’s overall rank is just a measure of how many chips they have… not that useful.

You can look at their profile and see how long they have been on the site. Again, this isn’t that useful.

The number of badges and level of a player once gave some idea of how much they are playing. If you combined all 3 pieces of information, you could get some sense of their skill.

For example, if you see 2 players who started about the same time and have roughly the same amount of chips, the one at level 5 is probably better than the one at level 40. The one at level 5 is playing less, but winning more.

Of course, one could be buying chips, one could be playing only MTTs and the other rings, and so on, It’s not a perfect indication by any means. But hey, it was something.


hey a suggestion … during tourny breaks it would be nice to have a “ready” button so the table can keep going when everyone selects it…


change the dealer text so it is accurate. Currently if the board shows, for example, a pair of tens and I have king high and another player has Ace high the text shows that he won with a pair of tens…which he did not…he won with tens and an ace…I would like to see this corrected


After reading this very long thread, I would like to suggest a time frame for threads . . :slight_smile::slight_smile:, There is a lot of down time between comments… so maybe a new “player suggestion” every 3 to 6 months as needed or a continual repost of this topic, as apposed to adding to something that is over a year old (wondering if Devs still read)… That being said, I did not see anyone comment on “how to see how yourself or other players are doing” so I would like to suggest a tournament record keeper, such as the last winner of “this” daily tournament was “SunPowerGuru”, or even deeper like, “the last 10 winners” were, “blankiddy blank blank” or best yet… “this year, these people have won this tourney” followed by a number… 1Warlock, 22… marklou 16,… Grapevine 14,… etc…etc… And would also love, when checking “My bank” the “see all” button give tournament names as apposed their numbers example “Registered to mtt: 2291088 " should say “Registered to royal red eye” (time & date)” so it’s easier for us to see how we or someone else does in a certain game… food for thought… Love you all regardless Juicee