Suggestions for improving Replay Poker


That’s almost poetic :relaxed:


If we’re still tallying up suggestions here, how about a few buttons for often used phrases, like



when I click on all tournaments I am inundated with those just announced events on future days, and I am hourglassing waiting to see what is happening now. If it isn’t on the dashboard, then I can’t find it easily. Everything is out of order. Can we add future dates and newly announced to the scroll down options for what is displayed, and have ‘in the next hour’ default to the top.


I often add wx, then apologize the typo.


You can sort the list of tournaments the way you like (by name, by game, by start time, etc…)
When you go to the Lobby to see the list of tourneys, make sure you do the following on top where the titles are:

  • Make sure you have ALL GAMES, ALL LIMITS and ALL BUY-INS in the drop downs (or the ones you prefer if it’s different).
  • Check the Hide Running checkbox to hide all the tournaments that are already running.
  • Check Hide Finished so that you don’t see the ones that are finished.
  • Finally, among the column titles on top (tournament, game, start, status…), click on START to sort them by start time, if the arrow is upwards you got it right (earliest to latest), if it’s downwards (latest to earliest) click START again and it will sort them the way you want.

This way you can see all the tourneys that are starting in the next hour on top of the list.

I hope I understood you correctly and hope this helps. If not please let me know to try to explain more. But finding tourneys starting in the next hour is very easy.


It did always confuse me too Warlock… seating to me is part of starting… yet if I look and it says 6 min left, I hope I do have 6 minutes…

Rob, Is it possible to seat ppl to be rdy to start, yet if the min players doesn’t get there… seated or not, it then cancels out @ the start time, not 3 minutes earlier ??? I usually get seated 30-60 seconds before it starts, then sit there and wait… if @ start time there isn’t the min, it says sorry this is canceled, just like it notifies ppl of a rebalance…



It would be possible to change the process but I don’t think it would be worthwhile. We have about 170 mtt per day and we get 10 or less cancellations as a rule.
Registration is usually open for hours. I know there might be a few players looking for a game just about to start and might rescue some potential cancellations, but I don’t expect the attendance would increase in many which were destined to cancel with an additional 3 minutes.
The main cancellations are Satellite to 15K, the high stake Omaha games and events between 04:00 and 09:00 ET due to basically fewer people around.

I suppose you could say the T- 3 minutes could be considered the actual Start time, but the first hand being dealt is the Start Time in the Lobby and is true for the overriding number of games.
Would seating the registered players for 3 minutes and then announcing there is no game be better? I suspect it would cause confusion to some. Table opens, you get seated and then everything closes down.
There would be events where no players or just one player has registered and there was never any chance of it starting.

Hope that answers your questions.



Something I think would be cool:

On the hand replay page (latest hands) another column for the hand you were involved in but lost.

Its easy to find the hands where you won but another column for hands you lost would be fantastic to be able to see what you are (or I am) doing wrong to correct leaks.

Any money put in after the flop (to discount immediate folds)?



Nice idea. Like the ‘Biggest Pots’, ‘Most Chips Lost’ on a single hand would be sobering if nothing else.

And completely unrelated, the layout of the site is well done but the color scheme? It looks like my mom’s 1970s kitchen, it’s very dated.


Since you do 12 Bust the Staff tourneys a year, why not be fair and do them at 12 different times?
The Poker Operations Manager just admitted that the most cancellations are between 4 and 9ET, and yet that is when you hold this tournament every month. Everyone’s on a different time, and different working hours, but a rotating start time would give others a chance to play…


Sorry to have caused any misunderstanding, but when I said this:

I meant 4AM and 9AM

The Bust the Staff tournament is at 4PM, which is 16:00 ET

We are aware that not everyone is able to play at all times of the day and night, so we try to make popular events available to everyone. Having variable times is something we will consider



I like the fact I play against people from all over the world.
BUT I am bad at recognizing flags.
Would it be possible to say which country the flag represents when you scroll over the flag???


I would like to see a BOGO on chips or a 1/2 price sale ….like real sooooooooon. lost my 4.5 mill and want to buy lol


It’s not what you were asking for, but if you click on their name, it will open their profile, which does show the country.


When you click on their name and the profile opens-right next to the flag it will show you the associated country.


Yeah, that’s what I meant to say. I edited my post to reflect this.


More personal stats. Sure, I can get out my calculator to figure out % of flops seen v. pots won ,etc. but I’m lazy.



Sorry - back on topic!!

Would it be possible to select where you sit at the start of the game -and every time you are “re balanced” you retain that seat!!!

It is just a computer algorithm - it leaves everybody where they are but just rotates the seating to place you where you want to be.

Everybody could choose the same seat and see themselves sitting in the middle and the people in their relative places around them.

Just a programming exercise for somebody!!



I think that would be a great feature.


I, too, have my favourite seat at a table. I asked long ago if it would be possible to keep the same seat automatically every time we are relocated. It isn’t, it seems.
On the other side, it is a question of 2-3 seconds to do it manually by using the two arrows at the top of the table. In fact, it is the first thing I do at the beginning of a game and every time I am “re-balanced”.