Suggestion: More betting options


4 kings - another tough one!


There is a button they could get rid of too. “Call Any?” What is that for? If your hand is good enough to “call any”, its good enough to raise. It’s useless as far as I can see, except when you accidentally hit it and it gets you in a world of trouble!


A slider with increments, like those we use to choose table stakes, would be quick and easy. What if individual players could set the spacing according to their betting style and preferences? I also suggest that players who want to socialize or feel there is too little time to play a hand, shouldn’t play Turbo. Turbo isn’t for everyone. Isn’t it fantastic there are lots of options?


I like to use the Call Any once in a while. The player to the right keeps stealing my blinds and bets me out of hands I would normally play. The immediate call may create a change in his tactics. If my hand holds up, I’ll raise after the turn.


An immediate large raise would likely work as well, if not better than a quick call any. That’s what I do, sometimes even when I have garbage cards against an aggro. just to stop the blind thief from doing it when I’m in the big. But I understand your reasoning as well.


I’ll occasionally use the “call any” button when I’ve made a river raise, can call a re-raise up to an all-in, but don’t have the nuts, so a river 3-bet wouldn’t make sense.