Stampede Live Stream Returns 02/10/19


Hello all!

We are delighted to announce that The Stampede stream will return this Sunday, 10th February at 7pm ET. Last week there was no stream due to the “defensive masterclass” of the Super Bowl.

Our beloved host BuffaloPrime is currently in the process of moving and is out of action for the short term, but we have found a special guest host from within the community AlecRome .

Alec has kindly agreed to host in Buffalo’s absence. He will be playing, commentating and giving away 1,000,000 free chips during the live stream. He is really engaging and we hope that you will enjoy the show. Alec will also commentate on the final table, if he makes it or not.

You can view the show on his channel by clicking here or by visiting .

The stream has received excellent feedback and I would encourage you to help spread the message. Tell at least one person about the stream that you think might like it, the more the better! Let people know at your tables and we can spread the word far and wide.

You can view more on the promotion here.

If anyone has any questions, I would be more than happy to address them.

Global Promotions Manager


I will help spread the word for sure. Alec did a great job and I am looking forward to seeing everyone this Sunday :slight_smile: