Site Outage - 11/15/17


Hey all – looks like our site just froze up. I’ve alerted our tech team and will have more news ASAP. I’m very sorry for the trouble!


We’re back up! That was a quick one, but still annoying. :unamused: Sorry about that. We’re keeping an eye on things to ensure everything has stabilized.


And I was winning lol


can you prove that …lol


Hahahahaha, yes, 6 SNGs in a row, whew.

Edit * I meant 16 SNGs heads up in a row !


not showing number of players or your place in try at top right corner


What ?


This should be fixed now. Let me know if you still find it missing on any table!


Oh I understand. Happened last night. No number of players left in a tournament and what place you were in.

Looks good now tho.:+1:t2: