Show cards after fold


I would like to have the opportunity to show my cards even after I have folded them.

( Of course I don’t mean to show them in the middle of the game, only after the dust settles - either by every but one player folding or after the showdown have taken place ).

Since this creates added tactical opportunity without doing any harm to the game I see no reason why this opportunity is not granted.

I have always had this thought in mind but in a recent game it came to me in a striking way: the player next to me went all in and everbody folded me being the last one in the row - being the last one and having a dominant stack I enjoyed particular attention by the crowd - after long thinking I folded too. My long thinking made my opponent show his cards: AQo - mine was AJo. I was desparate to show them but I could not. I felt it was unfair - I missed an opportunity to show others how good my judgement was.


Great idea watcha! I have come across this situation many times, where I would want to show the cards I have folded. Usually it is when I’ve made a good fold, but I have also wanted to show my cards when I have had a monster draw (like an open-ended straight flush draw), but didn’t hit any outs.

I really hope this gets implemented, it would be another great implementation for this site!


Me too! So it would also show that I only folded because someone got lucky on the river and not because I was being irrational or raising without a hand!


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen other players do it, and would love to do it myself - there must be some kind of ‘cheat’ keystroke???


I don’t think you mean showing their cards after they’ve folded. Showing your cards after folding is not an available option.

You can however show your cards after winning a hand (not sure if you know how already). You just need to un-tick the checkbox next to “Auto Muck” at the bottom of the window when you’re playing, then you’ll have the option to Show or Muck at the end of the hand if you win it.


I do mean showing cards after they’ve folded and I know it’s not an availble option. Nonetheless I have seen it. Only a few times, out of the many hundred of hands I have played I grant you, but see it I have.

The situation it arises in is at the end of a hand, when one of the players decides not to call a big bet/shove and folds showing one or more of his cards, usually indicating that have hit something on the board, but not the nuts, hence the fold. The showing is after the action so does not affect


Ok well then that’s different. I have never seen it here personally. But I do think it would be a good option to have.