RPOS Event 7


That sounds very fair to me. Thank you for the help. I’m ready to replay that tournament Friday at 1000 am ET. the 28th. Let’s get ready to rumble. :slight_smile:


For 50,000 chips. I won’t mind having few more inconveniences.


I’ve noticed up to now the tournament points from #7 has not been removed
and now #8 has been played and we can’t tell what the correct score is.
Please help us. :slight_smile:


The few times I’ve played Royal I almost always overplayed my hand…with everyone’s advice here, yall have peaked my interest so I had to register and give it another shot…8am for me but I’ll be there with my giant mug o’ coffee :slightly_smiling_face:


Never played a royal. Now my curiosity is peaked and will go study the strategy.


Royal is a lot like dating a virgin. Things might look pretty good at the beginning, but you usually end up with nothing.


Well u dont have to comprehend a full deck of cards and just focus on broad way 10-A hands and every hand looks like a winner to a holdem player so whatever floats your boat, not real poker in my opinion and not my game. I think everyone going all in bingo style every hand would really look good when the cards show after the hand. Might be the best and most fun way to play too. A condensed version of holdem for the top hands in play.


Ranking games in order closest to bingo…
Royal , Omaha Hilo , Omaha , Hold’em …

While I have won going bingo-balistic in Royal … and yes Florida it was , I watch how many players @ table. Thats why I felt silly the other day not noticing 9 ppl tables are impossible… 6 is max with only 20 cards. The more empty seats the better chances of a hand actually holding up.

3 burn cards, 5 community cards, and 12 player cards ( 6 ppl / full table )
So for each player not there, thats 10% of the cards not used …
I think good royal players play thier opponents more than they do thier cards.