Rankings determination


How exactly is a player ranking determined? Chips, hands played, Tourneys, etc.??




Your ranking is based on chips, the higher chip count you have the better rank you will be. Rank is best as a lower number. example… a rank of 5235 is better then a rank of 7889. Good luck at the tables :slight_smile:


so, it is like golf


So buying chips automatically gets you a higher rank?..


If you have 1,000,000 chips and you win another 1,000,000 in a tourney your rank will go up because you raised your chip count by 1,000,000 , it will do the same if you bought 1,000,000 or won them in a ring game. It doesn’t matter how you raised your chip count, every time your chip count goes up, so does your rank :slight_smile:


Yes buying chips will move you up in rank.

Also in case an answer was over looked regarding the weekly/monthly/yearly ranking, they are based on tourney points. and they have chip payouts for their respective area. things like the 4 different Regional MTT Leagues, 8 different Gemstone MTT Leagues,8 different SNG leagues, Bankroll Builder MTT, Stampede, Regular Leaderboards, Bust the Staff, Replay Winter Games, Chinese Year Of The Pig MTTS Leaderboard, and Valentines ring games will be starting soon… You get points from playing in these different games that apply to the category you choose… See Disclaimer and apply it…