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Actually, it looks exactly like the pistachio soft serve ice cream I had for my birthday boxing day! lol


By the way, I’m really hoping this whole Birthday Eve, Birthday Day, and Birthday Boxing Day idea catches on. :slight_smile: If it’s good for the Divine, it’s good for me.


My daughter always take the whole week off on her Birthday … lol


I came in 1st … Tatar 2nd , or was it Harley…oh it was Harley … Tatar got 3rd (but shoulda got 2nd ) and Jan wins the teal poo againteal%20poo


and it was a fun game it was lol.


Does that come in a Jelly bean?


Come in 4th and I will see what I can do :slight_smile:


LOL gives me something to shoot for. NOT to come in 4th.


bringalunch came in 1st … Reese 2nd … Jan 3 rd … moon got the teal%20poo and I found jelly bean poo for Kevin who came in last jellybeanpoop


LMAO… omg thats funny


Our League Mama knows how to keep her kids happy!


I try Jan…lol


Stats for the month of Sept are :
Me, Sharon Smarty :slight_smile: in 1st with 26 points (3+3+3+3+3+3+2+2+2+1+1 )
Tatar in 2nd with 19 points (3+3+3+3+2+2+2+1)
cubs in 3rd with 14 points (3+3+2+2+2+1+1)
Reese in 4th with 13 points (3+3+2+2+2+1)
I did a points system so players can see how they did for the month. Three points for 1st , two points for 2nd and one points for 3rd, using this system I have been able to review all games and come up with the Top 5 players for the month … All you win is bragging rights…lol
And the award for most poo goes to Danno poop5


Congrats to Tatar who came in 1st… jade 2nd … con 3rd… and southerndraw got the sleepy poo sleepypoo and a special mention to cubs who wasfartpoo


Hahaha! YES! A new award for 5th! To be used in special circumstances only? Cool!


lol… what do you think , too funny not to keep for daily.


Well, I totally love it. Use it every day! :slight_smile:


I now have a new dream: To win the “One fart away from a Poo” award! Replay Poker needs to add these as official merit badges!


This is what makes this league great, lots of fun!! Thanks smarty-+


Congrats to southerndraw (who won by playing like a girl ) … tatar in 2nd …Jan in 3rd … hoop got :poop: and stony was the ,fartpoo