Poker Amusement..League


Tonight was really fun. Extra laughs tonight!


Even a broken clock is right twice a day…


Way to go Boss


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Thank-you Sharon


great hands friends!!!


Our 1st League game was near the end of Dec so these stats include Dec through to the end of Jan…I did a points system so players can see how they did for the month. Three points for 1st , two points for 2nd and one points for 3rd, using this system I have been able to review all games and come up with the Top 5 players for the month … All you win is bragging rights…lol
1st place is southerndraw with 17 points (one 1st ,four 2nds and six 3rds , 3+8+6 =17
2nd place is TatarFarmr with 16 points ( three 1sts ,two 2nds and three 3rds , 9+4+3 = 16
3rd place is recon with 15 points (four 1sts ,one 2nd and one 3rd , 12+2+1=15
3rd place was a tie with Scooter also 15 points (three 1sts ,two 2nds,and two 3rds ,9+4+2=15
4th place is bringalunch with 14 points (three 1sts ,one 2nd and three 3rds ,9+2+3=14
4th place was a tie with ME also 14 points (one 1st ,four 2nds,and three 3rds ,3+8+3=14
5th place is monkeycat with 10 points (two 1sts ,one 2nd and two 3rds ,6+2+2=10


Congrats to TatarFarmr who got 1st ,monkeycat in 2nd and KidJB in 3rd… good game… good effort to the rest of us losers :slight_smile:


Good Effort, FA!


GG! FA! :slight_smile: Honorable mention to a couple of the rest of us, yeah!


Sad to have missed it but other tasks (with deadlines) won out. Boo! Registered for Tuesday’s game. See you soon!


Jan. #1 Player of the Month !
I would like to thank a few of my sponsors !
“Michael’s Men’s Club” ~~ Where it is more than a game of strip poker ! Lol
"Viagra" ~~ Sometimes a poker game will last up to 4 hours ! Lmao
"Makers Mark 46" ~~ Helps you forget getting home at 2 am with a 10 and waking up at 10 am and she is a 2 ! Lmmfao
"Bulldog Squeezers playing cards " For The dog in all of us !
Thank You
Southern Draw


Something for you to print and tape to the fridge …lol




My company departed at 5:30 and that’s when I indulged in a self-pitying cry about missing the game. See you tomorrow night!


Missed a couple but will be there this evening! :slight_smile:


Proud to have donated my best set of chips to these very talented players!


Wanted to thank SS for inviting me to play and everyone at the table who put up with me. Nice to be back among friends.


You’re welcome … hope to see you play again with us , it’s a nice change of pace to play with friendly people who like to laugh.


I’d like to invite the Amusement League to form a team and take on the other teams in the Partisan Poker League. Like you, we love to have fun but we also love playing as a team.