Poker Amusement..League


There is a new League called Poker Amusement. It’s a private League by invite only , still room to add more Members.
Its a League for fun only , no points, no Leader Board
There will be one game each evening at 8 pm (est )… with a 5k buy in
Only for players who like to chat , a lot … we are a chatty bunch of friends and
we are quite sarcastic with each other , it’s all in fun and for laughs.
There is a no mucking rule , since it’s for fun , you have to show your bluffs and then we get to roll our eyes or comment with a pfft…lol
Members are asked to at least try to play once a week , but knowing we all have a life besides poker just play when you can.
If this sounds like something that might interest you , add me as a friend and we can discuss whether or not you would be a good fit … all you need is a sense of humor , like to chat and remember the no mucking rule…all Members must follow the Code of Conduct rules .


I think I want in !!!


Maybe I will let …you…lol… oh I already added you :slight_smile:


sounds good to me so xhut up and deal LETS GO


sounds like a good idea. I’ll check in if I’m available. 8.00 E.T. is usually pretty late at night for me.


Well if you are around one time , watch a game to see if it interests you.


this sounds real good, however you and harley and some others have to stop dropping cards on the floor for use later in the game. lol


give it a try fix im sure you will like it


The League is all set up and open for registration for the 1st game tonight…yay…I know its a bad time of year to be starting this but just think of it as my Christmas gift to you …lol… and you don’t have to get me one…:wink:…just behave yourself in the games and have fun.
Hope to see you there , but if not tonight ,see you when you can make it…


Hi everyone.

I don’t want to take up your time or get long winded but I just wanted to share a few things that are on my mind.

First congrats Sharon on your new League. I am very happy for you and all the members of it. Sorry things didn’t work out for us in the Kool Kidz League. Differences of opinion on operations happen but we go forward.

Some pretty harsh words were said against me but you are entitled to your opinion and I have thick skin being a Marine. I think I deserve another purple heart for taking that incoming fire on my thread lol. I kept my cool and did not respond because if I did I would no longer be on this site. Don’t take it personal that I didn’t respond to you as I was told not to.

For those of you that accepted my friendship requests today, thank you. Olive Branches extended.

Have fun here and be Happy everyday. Life just goes by too fast to stay angry.

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart and I hope Santa is good to you this year :slight_smile:

See you around…



Thank You Craig … Merry Christmas.


hey great job ss had a good turn out for the first night mostly with x mas right around the corner.


Thanks hoop… was a great night… my friends rock :heart:


I would also like to say congratulations to Sharon on this league and Happy Holidays everyone.



Thank you Marc … … Merry :christmas_tree:Christmas


It just takes longer and longer once it finally starts! LOL




Wow that sounds like fun to me and I have a good sense of humor, as far as being chatty…my entire family were innoculated with a phonograph needle. lol You mentioned a start time of 8 pm but didn’t mention the time zone…details, the importance of them. I ask, “What would wild animals look like without de tails?” Gee would I fit in with this league? I never get angry when I play poker, even if I lose big because I do not allow myself to become emotionally involved and besides I conduct my behavior as a true gentleman, thank you. I hope to see you around a table soon. - Ace_NevAdA


i was tickled plumb pink with 6th out of 20 lol???/:):):slight_smile:


Now Harley will NEVER shut up!