Players Helping Players


Greetings Sammy & Family,
If you wrote down you hand # in and around the confusing circumstances, maybe replay can look into it and give you some idea what happened… Replay has no skin in the game about someone else has your chips or you have’em. If they look into it and your right. I bet they fix it pronto… Why not try it ? ? ?


Thank you whoeverit I have to I do not have but 163,000 chips that is barely enough to play one more hand like I said I started off on the wrong foot down hill all the way after that You think I am not said while I am and should not be It’s all in fun but some how it changed for me I thank you for your help I am going to use up I have thanks again sammy


"Why want the names of the players at a game show up anymore when I single click it. Now I have to double click it and enter the game to see who is playing. What have I done to lose this feature?"

Did you ever find a solution to this? Just wondering?