Other Games of Strategy


Here is a link regarding the game Sequence for those who may not know it and may be interested: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sequence_(game)

You can see how there is an element of bluffing: Do they really have one of their outs in their hand? Are they choosing this spot just to get me to use a card they no longer want me to have in my hand?

You can see how there would be tough calls to make based on probability and reading opponents’ moves and playing styles. I pay particular attention to their reactions to the moves I make, and when they pick up their new cards. It’s hard to tell where players’ eyes are on a close together board, but a lot of players will look to the space on the board pertaining to their new card when they pick it up. You need to know your board well in order to avoid that.


Learned the very basics of crib and forgot - a few times! I think I will learn it because I know it is one of the best card games and beneficial for the brain! :slight_smile:


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