On a slide


@puggywug ,

Depending on severity of slide, what I have read from others is right.
I wanted to make you feel better tho, as for myself I play’d only (99%) MTTs
for over a year and got to 5.5m, then decided to go to Rings… in 2 weeks
I was up to 19m… then the bottom fell out… a few bad beats, a misclick, and
basically dumb decisions… I found myself @ 700k. Twice from there I have
made it back to 5m, and then back to 1m… even this Month… after playing
great poker for a few months, I lost 3m (33%) of my Broll on 2 hands. Owe.
Luckilly I managed to get it back and am @ 9m-ish.

You can’t play angry or scared.
You can’t “chase” loss’s.

Sometimes ya gotta drop a few levels, and lose there for awhile. Sometimes
yes… just walk away for a day or 2… I do have limits where beyond that I will
drop levels by forcing myself. You have to remember some of the good bad
beats you have to balance out the bad ones. Yes, learn from mistakes… but if
you are playing solid poker and just gett’n really unlucky… not much any of us
can do about that. Sometimes all you need is a 15 minute smoke break…

I ran 3weeks where the only way I busted out in my MTTs was to get my
chips in with the best hand, only to get drawn out on…time after time after
time… Thats the difference between losing and getting beat, and @ some
point gett’n beat is far better than just losing.

It has happened, it does happen, and it will happen again…


No big insights - but I agree with the folks who say “keep on playing.” Choose really low-stakes games - the bankroll builders for 500 - or the freerolls. That’s what they are for. Use those to get a few chips back and settle yourself down. I few times in the money will get you going again. We’re all had these cycles - sort of like the stock market.