New Royal Hold'em Offerings


Based on player suggestions, we’ve added a few new Royal Hold’em MTTs!

Our highest Royal Hold’em MTT had an entry fee of 7,500 chips, so there are now two Royal NL tournaments with a 10,000 chip buy-in:

Royal King Midas - 10:45am ET
Royal Poker Palace - 8:45pm ET

We’ve also added a Royal Hold’em MTT with rebuys! This one’s a NL tournament with an entry and rebuy cost of 2,500:

Royal Endurance - 9:45pm ET

We’ll be keeping an eye on the popularity of these tournaments to determine whether to keep them on the roster. Royal fans and Royal curious, go check them out! :crown:


Thank you very much! I already signed up and played Royal King Midas by coincidence. We didn’t know about it so the total number of players was only 14, but loved the start time and the 10k buy in, well needed for royal tourneys. Gonna have to try the other ones too. Looking forward. Thanks again Replay :heart_eyes:


Looking forward to playing the Royal rebuy tournament! Thanks Replay!



Guess who was the first winner of the first ever Royal King Midas tourney :thinking:
Hint: her name starts with M and ends with aya :joy:




YES :smile: