New Promotion - The Stampede!


You did so well, Karen! So happy for you!


Thank you Jan :slight_smile:


Buffalo Gals, Won’t You come Out Tonight?




Anyone know why BP didn’t stream yesterday?


Event ended last week!


Ohh, I hope it starts back up soon…seems to be pretty popular.


Well, I played in Stampede this past Sunday. Maybe the streaming is over, but the game isn’t.


Hi Jan,

Looks like the leader board has ended too.



Hey all! Just a quick update on this promotion:

  • BuffaloPrime was offered a new role in his real life! We’re incredibly excited for him as he takes on this new opportunity. :tada:
  • Because he’s in a bit of a transition period while he gets settled, he won’t be available to stream until March at the earliest.
  • We’ll have more updates about The Stampede once we get some final things nailed down.
  • This promotion proved to be quite popular, and it tells us that players are excited about seeing Replay Poker streamed live! So we’re very interested in hearing from any streamers in the community.

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts on this promotion, and told us how much you loved it. We’re thrilled that BuffaloPrime found us and has had such a good time partnering with us in this tourney, and we’re excited about what the future holds!


Yes–I noticed! Sigh. :slight_smile: See you around here and elsewhere! HNY.