New Promotion - The Stampede!


Great turnout yesterday! 173 is a little bit higher than normal! Let’s see if we can break 200 again!


Just played in my 1st one. Nice tournament with lots of chat and almost all friendly for a change! Got to hand it to Buffalo and Replay - nice game for a low buy-in.


Congrats to LJesse128 … :trophy: … Only Webbers has won it twice.
Here’s tonights final results … cya next week, same Buffalo time, Same Buffalo channel.


I’m confused Sarah, there was a stampede tourney last night?


Randy, For some reason Sassy’s post time is wrong, we have a game tonight, not last night, see you then :slight_smile:


Cool, cya then!


Played my 2nd one tonight - didn’t do as well (so far). Still the nicest players I’ve had on any of the games I’ve played here. Whatever they are doing with this one, please do more!

Well - it was better until the dude who sucked out on me with 10/2 said “ty” after the hand. Always 1 rude twit in the bunch. Is it really necessary to be a total wad when all you did was sit there and have the deck hit you in the face? Fun game other than that. (at least he went out 2 hands after me and didn’t cash either)


Congrats to marpa108 … :trophy: … Dominated the final table…( 1st time winner )
Here’s tonights final results … cya next week, same Buffalo time, same Buffalo channel.

Your Host… BuffaloPrime got a couple KOs, and cash’d in 20th. Solid night’s work.
( :shushing_face: We’ll overlook, with a MedStack, he got cocky, and lost 2 sizeable hands, late )
With 2 weeks Left, don’t miss a minute… TheStampede 7pm est, Sundays


Does anyone know if this tournament will be renewed for 2019? I’m sorry I didn’t look into it until 2 weeks ago because its a good game with a good format and great payouts.


ReplayPoker and I are currently in discussions about this very topic! We’ll provide an announcement if an agreement is made.


Hold out for a new car buffalo :):wink:


Git 'r done!


Another great game tonight - only got to play the last 3 of the year but enjoyed each of them a lot. Don’t know why but the tables are friendlier and the play is more solid for a low buyin game. Would love to see this again next year. Of course 2 final tables in 3 games may be coloring my thinking on this :slight_smile:


Miss’d it tonight


Only one more Stampede competition left! Meaning that you only have one more tournament to get your tournament points and knockouts before the big payout at the end of the year!

See you all on Sunday, December 30th right at 7pm EST! Only on ReplayPoker and


Played the final game of the year - another really fun time. 3rd final table for me in the 4 I played (8th of 198 tonight). I’ll play this one for as long as they decide to run it. Thanks to Replay and to @BuffaloPrime for hosting a great tournament!


Congrats to Pnutt0 … :trophy: … TheStampede loves 1st time winners

Congrats to BuffaloPrime for taking :
12th in overall Points
10th (tie) in overall KOs

The final Leaderboard standings can be found @
Here is the top 10, though…



This was such a fun tournament! I played the final game on an old computer in the visitors’ lounge at a hotel in Death Valley. Other people were very eager to get on the one computer (no wi-fi anywhere!), so I logged off twice during the game. Man, that was hard! I wonder when leaderboard chips are paid out. I’m back in civilization and just curious to see how and when this is done. :slight_smile: Hope we get more Stampede in the future!


I would think by now or soon Jan…mine were there when I got up this morning.
I agree, the most fun promotion I’ve ever played!


Yes I see mine came in this morning also, Wishing you all the very best in 2019 … Doll :slight_smile: