New Promotion - The Stampede!


Congrats to Pike2013 … :trophy: … and Buffalo Miss’d it… :sleeping:
Here’s tonight’s final results … cya’ll next week, same Buffalo time, same Buffalo channel.

Again our Host , BuffaloPrime goes deep, another 17th … good job Buffalo…
That moves him up 7 spots in points, to 27th overall… solidly on Leaderboard.
Sassy_Sarah finally made her final, so now all top 10 on LB have made a final table.


Congrats to swankford … :trophy: … What a Epic final table.
Here’s tonights final results … cya’ll next week, same Buffalo time, same Buffalo channel.


Thanks for all the hard work you put into this each week.


Just a heads up that BuffaloPrime will NOT be streaming this Sunday, as he’ll be returning home from TwitchCon. The Stampede will still be running, however, with plenty of chips up for grabs!


Congrats to runedrum … :trophy: … our newest weekly winner.
We only had 8 @ final table tonight, edo didn’t quite last to transfer in.
Here’s tonights final results … cya’ll next week, same buffalo time, same buffalo channel.

We miss’d Buffalo this week, he was attending Twitch-Con and couldn’t make it.

So after 12 weeks, our Leaderboards are tight’ning up… just like in cycle’n, seems the peleton has almost caught the early leader Webbers… Despina11, after a good week, has managed to take over 1st place on the KO board, she’s a killer folks so watch out. Webbers, garyy, codydog1, and GrandyB round out the top 5 for KOs. Speaking of Despina11, with another final table under her belt, she widens her lead on 3rd, but hasn’t quite caught Webbers for 1st, so the pts top 5 are Webbers, Despina11, Sassy_Sarah, Matchstk, and xdog. With only 2 months left who will jump up, and who will slide… It could be you, you never know… Our host, the immortal 8-2, BuffaloPrime, is sitting in 32nd for pts ( in the cash ), and tied for 77th ( not in cash ) for Knock-outs ( KOs )… After missing a week, he’ll need to make up those points with a win next week.

Don’t miss any of the action, tune in for the Live stream every Sunday 7pm est, jump in TheSpampede MTT, and party with Buffalo and all his followers. Tell ur friends, tell u coworkers… heck, tell the cashier @ your supermarket… TheStampede !!! be there.


Hi Guys,

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but BuffaloPrime is feeling under the weather and will sadly not be streaming tonight, let’s hope he gets better soon!

The tournament will still go ahead, good luck to all competitors!



Get well BP, cya next week!


Congrats to PokermanJi … :trophy: … another 1st time winner, nice.
Here’s tonights final results … cya’ll next week, same buffalo time, same buffalo channel.

Our host BuffaloPrime was under the weather, tonight so lets all sing together…

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of furrr…
Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr.
(get well soon Buffalo)


Congrats to Muphasa … :trophy: … take’n it down.
Here’s tonights final results … cya’ll next week, same Buffalo time, same Buffalo channel.

Comming down to the wire Folks, don’t miss out on your shot.


Congrats to fairgame … :trophy: … Crushing 2 pr, with better 2 pr to win.
Here’s tonights final results … cya’ll next week, same Buffalo time, same Buffalo channel.

After 2 weeks off, our host BuffaloPrime was in great shape to make his 1st final table
when his QQ ran up against AA… putting him out in 18th place… always next week.


Thanks for playing everyone! And for the warm welcome back to the stream. We have another 6 weeks of action until the final rewards are given! I hope to see you all competing hard next Sunday at 7pm EST!


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Week 15 Update . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


With only 6 weeks left, lets see where we stand…
As you can see, only … WebbIsaiah … has won twice.
It seems TheStampede likes 1st time winners…

We do have a new points leader … Matchstk
And with a strong 3rd last week … BlackWidow … has charged into 6th in points.
The regulars keep chugging away and earning thier points making it pretty tight up top.

garyy has been holding on to top in bustouts, for a couple weeks…
BlackWidow and niche_ made a big jump last week, solidly into the top 10.
Equally, tops in bustouts has tightened up over the past few weeks.

Our Host … BuffaloPrime is sitting with 6 Bustouts, so he’s 2 outta the money there.
After a solid finish last week , he has climbed into 31st place for points, thats in the money.
After a week off for TwitchCon, seems technical difficulties kept him away 2 weeks ago.

So with 6 weeks left, its going to go down to the wire, its anyone’s game to win.
Will a newcomber come in and shake everything up, will that be You ??
Who will jump up and claim victory ?? and who will go down in flames ??
You’ll never know unless you join BuffaloPrime’s Twitch Stream:film_projector:
and join him playing … –TheStampede-- :clock7: 7pm(est) every Sunday


I ain’t on the list but at least I won 50K chips just by watching the stream in the background :grin:


How does this work? I would hope that he’s streaming on a time delay so it doesn’t matter if people are seeing the cards.


I stream with an image block that I can add or remove at any time.



Congrats to BuffaloPrime … :trophy: … Way to go Buffalo !!
Here’s tonight’s final results … cya’ll next week, same Buffalo time, same Buffalo channel.

Yet another 1st time Winner – BuffaloPrime !!! , plus a bunch of KOs for him.
That jumps Buffalo up 20 spots , to 11th in overall points …
Also this jumps Buffalo up 59 spots , to tie for 12th in overall KOs ( bustouts )


What an exciting Sunday! I hope to see you all next Sunday as well! Gotta try to defend my championship :slight_smile:


HEY EVERYONE! Thanks to the generosity of ReplayPoker, the entire month of December will have DOUBLE THE PRIZES. Instead of giving away a total of 500,000 chips on my stream, I’ll be giving away 1,000,000 INSTEAD!


Viewer Incentive Prizes | 550,000 Chips Total
To Win: Go to during the stream and type !chips into that chat. Winners are drawn at random. There cannot be multiple winners in this section.
First Hour: (2) 50,000 Chip Winners
Second Hour: (2) 50,000 Chip Winners
Third Hour: (2) 100,000 Chip Winners (Must respond in chat to win)
After Tournament: (1) 150,000 Chip Winner (Must respond in chat to win)

Final Result Prizes | 150,000 Chips Total
To Win: Create an account on Twitch, and follow BuffaloPrime for free! Subscribers pay $4.99 per month to support the stream, or can subscribe for FREE using Amazon Prime. Must be watching the stream and type in chat to claim prize
Top Placing Follower: 50,000 Chips (Must respond in chat to win)
Top Placing Subscriber: 100,000 Chips (Must respond in chat to win)

Special Prizes | 300,000 Chips Total
To Win: Must be watching the stream and type in chat to claim prize. All prizes are worth 50,000 chips each. Players can win multiple prizes!
They Call You 8-2 - First player to win on 8-2 Off-Suit wins! (Must be a showdown, and must provide hand# in chat)
Twitter Raffle - Tweet that you’re playing with @BuffaloPrime on @ReplayPoker! Winner will be chosen at random.
Prime Placement Guess - During the first 15 minutes of the tournament, guess what position I’ll place in the chat! Closest without going over wins!
20,000 Chip Challenge - First player to accumulate 20,000 chips in the tournament wins! (Must notify me via chat when you hit 20,000 to win. Must be watching the stream.)
First Knockout - First player to score a knockout wins! (Must provide hand# in chat to win)
Biggest Winner - The single biggest pot that a player wins over the course of the tournament will win! (Must type in chat the hand# and amount you won. There will be a place on stream to track the current leader)

Hope all of these new incentives will encourage you to come over to and check out the stream! Creating an account is 100% free! (Please note that all of the references above to “typing in chat” refer to my Twitch stream’s chat room, and not the chat within ReplayPoker’s lobby or table.)

Good luck everyone! Let’s finish the season strong!


–Double normal bonuses-- :astonished: and
new variant objectives for even more… :crazy_face:

I want my Buffalo … Buffalo … Buffalo …
---- I’m so there , and with :bell:s on ----
---- Lets :dancer: …there . :horse_racing: cowboy ----

:clock7: 7pm est TheStampede & on


Congrats to Doll46 … :trophy: … Yet another 1st time winner.
Here’s tonights final results … cya all next week, same Buffalo time, same Buffalo channel.

Buffalo, well, had a bad week … so moving on…