New Promotion - The Stampede!


whoooo doggies that was a fun one :grinning:



Today, Sunday at 7pm ET


Congrats to Sirelegans … :trophy: … well played.
Here’s tonight’s final results… cya’ll next week, same buffalo time, same Buffalo channel


BuffaloPrime has been invited to a prestigious tournament (PUBG Broadcaster Royale, if there are any battle royale fans here too!), and unfortunately this conflicts with The Stampede on Sunday, September 16th. The Stampede will still be available for sign-ups and rewards, and we wish Buffalo the best of luck in this event!

Buffalo WILL be broadcasting Bust the Staff this month! Tune into his channel and watch it live on Thursday, September 20th. Knock us out on screen! :sunglasses:


as the game Abe’s Oddesy goes… :video_game:
Here boy , here boy … get’em , get’em !!!
— Go get them Buffalo , and may the Stampede be with You —


Clicked on the link to join Stampede tourney and it says page not available?

Do we have to wait until tomorrow to register?


Oops, thanks @BigDogxxx! Looks like our url changed slightly. You can find it here:

I’ll edit the original post to reflect this as well. I appreciate the catch!


Thanks fizzymint- I got registered.

You might want to add this link directly to the game lobby?


Congrats to redangusbull … :trophy: … good win.
Here’s tonight’s final results… cya’ll next week, same buffalo time, same buffalo channel


Thanks for a good tourney!

Here is one of my hands from the tourney that was a major game changer and it all went down hill from there lol!.

This is a good example of what happens when you get greedy and try to build up the pot instead of taking what you can get.

Congrats to the winners!


Is there an issue with the leader boards?
Click on the link i get a pop-up stating “Failed to load: promotions. If the problem persists, please contact Replay Poker Support team.” . Attempting to open in new window I get " The page you were looking for doesn’t exist.### You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved.". This is true with both leader boards (for me anyways). What am I missing?.



Congrats to Andres546 … :trophy: … well done.
Here’s tonight’s final results … cya’ll next week, same Buffalo time, same Buffalo channel.


Want your 10 minutes of fame :film_projector:
Come join TheStampede, you too can be on :desktop_computer:
Sundays @ 7pm est , … Buffalo hunters apply here… :mailbox:


Congrats to vtpcwizard … :trophy: … great ending.
Here’s tonight’s final results … cya’ll next week, same Buffalo time, same Buffalo channel.


So folks , after 8 weeks of tough competition folks… ( with I think 12 weeks to go )
We have Webbers ( WebbIsaiah ) crushing both Total points and KOs, not suprising he’s also our only 2 time winner, so far … Talk about being on Fire !!! … Friblo with his early win is hang’n tough in 2nd, for Total points… Despina11, vtpcwizard, GrandyB, and GoldenDonkey are putt’n pressure on our leaders, gett’n tighter @ the top every week … Of our top 10 points getters, only Sassy_Sarah has not made a final table yet, what a slacker… but goes to show, persistence and consistency pays off…

Codydog1, A-game, and garyy are putting pressure on our Points getters, with thier KOs ( say it with me… Kaaaaaaayyyyyy-O ) Lots of new faces on the KO Leaderboard compared to Total points… just goes to show you, there are more ways to skin a cat ( get free chips ) than going deep… just bust those players out, the faster the better.

Finally, we all want to know about out our host… the immortal, Mr. 8-2 himself BuffaloPrime.
He has been moving up both Leaderboards… He’s now tied for 90th place with 3 KOs, and has moved up the Total Points LB steadily the last few weeks, he’s up 2 spots last week to 41st… thats in the money folks… good job Buffalo, for being new to Replay.

So tell your friends, tell your mom, tell the stranger on the street…
— Buffalo Stampede… sundays 7pm est —
Lets all bring 1 person xtra next week, I know you know 1 more person to play :wink:


Edit : Of our top 10 points getters, Matchstk & Sassy_Sarah are the only two that have not made a final table… just goes to show, persistance and consistency pays off…


Oh the ignominy!

Or wait, you meant it as a good thing. Heh.


Congrats to VGking … :trophy: … what a final table.
Here’s tonight’s final results … cya’ll next week, same Buffalo time, same Buffalo channel.
Awesome turnout tonight, everyone bring 1 person next week… raise the roof.

Special congrats to our Host BuffaloPrime, who made the break & cash’d tonight in 17th.


Hey everyone! I really appreciate everyone that comes out to watch and compete in the event! It’s been a lot of fun getting to know more people from the website. Keep up the positive energy! You never know when I might tune in to that big winning hand o-o

Love you guys,
Buffalo “8-2” Prime


Took 12th in 10/14 tourney- not bad against some very good players.

Also got a bounty for taking off two players and 9.8K- so not bad at all for a 1k tourney.

Had my one shot at BuffaloPrime and went all in but he folded.

Not saying he is buffalochicken wings or anything lol!

Thanks for a great tourney and see you next week.