New Promotion - The Stampede!


We have a player, BuffaloPrime, who’s been streaming Replay Poker from time to time. If you’re not familiar with streaming, it’s when people host something online – usually playing video games, but also things like knitting, doing puzzles, etc. – for others to watch and participate in some way. Followers can participate by chatting, playing with streamers, getting involved in contests, and more!

BuffaloPrime typically streams video games, but he recently discovered Replay and has been airing our tables, encouraging his followers to get involved! He just streamed Bust the Staff last month, and if you missed our earlier post about it, you can check out the video right over here.

We’ve had a blast watching Buffalo’s streams, so we have put together a special event that runs weekly and has more than one million chips in giveaways – The Stampede!

Every Sunday at 7pm ET, BuffaloPrime will stream this tournament. If you play, you may end up being at his table and on the live stream! There are some big rewards for getting involved, including a 500k added prize pool, a 50k bounty on BuffaloPrime, and two epic leaderboards.

We’ve also given 500k for BuffaloPrime to give out to his followers! If you’re interested in snagging those bonuses, simply register or log in to and click the button in the upper right, then visit BuffaloPrime’s channel at and click the “:heart: Follow” button at the top of the page. Tune in during the tournament to get a chance to win! Learn more on our promotion page right here.

Want to learn more about BuffaloPrime? Check out our latest blog post! Hope to see you at the tables on Sunday. :sunglasses:


I first started following him on the Bust the Staff you mentioned.
I got so distracted watching his tables that I busted out early…that was okay by me though as I was so entertained with his football style commentary, I was happy to just watch him play :grin:
Thanks for the heads up Ash, I’ve added it to my calendar!



Today, Sunday at 7pm ET


Congrats to all who played tonight, and Webbers for winning.
Watch’d the stream, what a hoot … Buffalo’s , well an animal…lolol

Someone should keep a highlight reel, like top 10 hands each week, then list them here along with winners… we’ll try and forget about that darn StraightFlush… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: … hehehe
but Buffalo sure got a kick outta it… see ya next week, same channel, same time


It was a blast. Really liked the stream. It made the tourney so much more interesting and fun. The prizes were cool too.
And that historical straight flush lol. I know you hated it @Sassy_Sarah but I loved it :wink:


What about the 2 pocket aces? :laughing:


Thanks to all who came out for the inaugural Stampede! Especially those of you who stayed up way past your bedtime. :sleeping:

If you missed the stream, you can check out the replay here:

That’s if the embedded video above doesn’t work for you.

It’s even more fun to get involved, so hope to see you next time around! Registration is open:


The one comming outta 1st break hurt… :face_with_head_bandage:
Noone will remember those, but the Str8Flu … hard to forget.
( and I still made the money, hehehe )


Hey everyone! Thanks for watching! I’m glad to see people had fun. I look forward to doing this every Sunday!


We do too bud :grin:



Today, Sunday at 7pm ET


Goofy-good-time. Seems like a nice guy.


Congrats to Friblo :trophy: , the latest Winner …

Seems I bubbled out 10th, but ya gotta play A J , that deep & short-stacked.
Rather take my chances, than the small blind eating me up on the next hand.
…cya next week, same buffalo time, same buffalo channel.


I realized how hard it is to see a MTT lobby, for who finished in the money, if you weren’t part of that MTT… so to help those players comming late to Buffalo’s Stampede… here’s the first two weeks of cashes… as always there’s the combined leaderboard off promotions page.

Such a fun MTT, and the live stream is awesome…
See ya’ll tomorrow… 7pm ET



Unfortunately, Buffalo won’t be streaming tonight as he’s quite ill with strep throat. Not very good for talking! :face_with_thermometer:

He will still be at the tables, so you can collect that bounty.

Please join him next week for fun and prizes!


Get well Soon Buffalo … :stew::cup_with_straw:

Congrats to WebbIsaiah … :trophy: … thats 2 wins in 3 weeks…
Here’s tonight’s final results… cya’ll next week, same Buffalo time, same Buffalo channel



Today, Sunday at 7pm ET


Congrats to cingram007 … :trophy: … nice win.
Here’s tonight’s final results… cya’ll next week, same Buffalo time, same Buffalo channel


So sorry I missed it!