Joke of the week


So I am sitting on a bus the other day behind a woman and her young son. Her son kept turning around and making funny faces at me. After a few minutes, I got tired of his antics …. So I said to him, When I was young my mother told me if I kept making ugly faces like that my face could get stuck that way. He then replied, Well then you cant say she didn’t warn you :slight_smile:


Question : How do you turn a regular sofa into a sofa bed?

Answer ; Forget your wife’s birthday!


Some husbands or wives might get banned from the bedroom, because they reminded their espouses of their birthday! :slight_smile:


Don’t usually have a lot of jokes to offer, but I got one for y’all that I heard from my uncle:

Question: What’s worse than sleeping with Willie Nelson?

Answer: Finding out it wasn’t Willie Nelson.