I Don't Want To Play Anymore


In actual fact sisters, bingo is a comparatively new term in the UK. Originally the game was called “housey-housey” and then progressed to “lotto”. Bingo only came about when it began to be played en masse rather than as a family game in the home or the local public house’


Can we call it housey-housey again pleaaaaase! It’s so cute :grin:


This is interesting, Grapevine! I didn’t know it.
There is an old game in Italy, called “tombola”, which is played with cards and numbers exactly like bingo in UK.
It is the favourite game at Christmas time of all Italians, and is played by families, friends and often neighbours from the days before Christmas till today, the 6th of January.
I loved it as a child, but well, nowadays I prefer poker. LOL


Wow miri, it shows the slight variations in all countries. In England tombola is not a game, but is run as a stall at charity functions. You buy a set of numbers on a ticket, and another set of numbers is placed in a large drum which is rotated and one ticket picked out. If you have a lucky ticket you get the prize on the tombola stall which corresponds to the ticket! I never win the bottle of gin, it is always a bottle of lemonade!


This is exactly the same in Germany, grapevine!
I once participated in a beneficence tombola and I won the 2nd prize, envied by everyone: a very sophisticated microwave oven.
I hated it. I never used it and it took so much room in my small kitchen! Till a friend came on visit and said: oh, lucky you, you have such a beautiful microwave oven! And I said: if you like it, you can have it.
She was in raptures.
So I finally got rid of it, and my friend will be grateful to me for eternity. LOL


Excuse me Sir,
I ask’d for an Almond Joy :hugs:, you gave me M&Ms by mistake. :unamused:
or just a refund… Please & Thank you :sunglasses:


If you ban a word, a new one will be invented…
So if they ban bingo…just re-invent by spelling it backwards


Eventually, in the process of evolution, the entire planet will be corrected



Just don’t give them the wrong kind of chocolate. They don’t like it!

ognib is weird, can we call it ginbo instead?


I would like to cast my vote to change it to “GIBNO” “BNO” sounds enough like Vino that would keep our spirits high, & “IBN” will tell people you plan on calling anything, And “GIB” can demand that people give in to your style or give you their money or give peace a chance etc… I also feel having the word “NO” in it makes it powerful.
Gee I Better Not Offend! or Give In Before Nothing Offends. I could go on all day! But have to go to work, Play nice till I return. :slight_smile::slight_smile:


We really need more rules and restrictions…


See, we are evolving on just one word,
bingo, ognib, ginbo and now chocolates as teaser.

nibbles ?