I Don't Want To Play Anymore


You are welcome, keep in mind that NOT changing your play style might be some of it, and here is a comment you might think on also.


If you read some of the posts within a few of the topics on here; you start to see some things that could easily be done to possibly help guide things to go the way both the site owners and the playing community desire (I would imagine, but not 100% sure since I don’t know the owners goals but lets assume making money is (as it should be) towards the top of their priority list.

Starters: Don’t let folks above a certain rank into lower level tournaments. This will help a few things.

  1. It provides the proper environment for new folks or smaller stack folks to play against folks who might possibly value their chips the same. Everyone of us as experienced a 2.5k MTT with a player ranked between 300-1500 who plays the junk/all in/bully method because, let’s be honest, 2.5k means nothing to a person with 13 million chips.
  2. I see on the forums high ranked people complaining (mentioning is probably a better word) that they only get to play against the same people because no one else moves up to those ranks anymore. Well maybe if those same folks didn’t come down to lower level games and act a fool to bust out those trying to gain up rank and chips, others would gain and join their player pool. Everyone is not going to buy chips at $250 a week just to make that happen.
  3. I see people on the forums asking for $1000 chip packages. What this tells me is; you (the site owners) have people that want to give you $1000… and you can’t/won’t figure out a way to get that money?? You should be all over that! Make a package for em so you can get that $1000. Give the people what they want, what do you have to lose. Sounds like a win/win to me.

I think some of these suggestions will also limit some of the complaints about bingo type play as well as the one’s affected by that the most are the ones with the least chips. The larger stacks don’t mind bingo games against their peers as much as a person working with only 7k chips total. Doing some of these things would create a more fairer place for lower levels to play and also create another chip package for the owners to sell while also simultainously giving the playing community 5 or 6 fixes to the things that most affect them on this site. Seeming like some weight was given to the whole experience not just “we added a few more games” and addressed half your concerns while we ignored the one main concern that would also provide us more cash revenue.


Well, Replay makes and effort to replicate the real world, and in the real world anybody can sit at any table as long as they have the buy in…


Hmm, that’s strange because I’ve seen the opposite…it seems to me the high ranked players play traditional poker strategy and the lower rank ppl play very loose (ie all-in preflop with junk )

Dang, I hope that never happens!


DIdnt you say in the other post that you play the high limit games with a good group of folks you’ve met and thats why your stats are what they r?? How do you do that but also are able to experience what you speak of here in the low level mtt’s?


I see all kinds of complaints on here about changing this and that…but changing stuff on here will not let anyone win…if you want to win you need to stop complaining about how replay does things and learn how to play poker…read book or at least some of the stuff on this forum, and, this is key, do what the book says


winstar a lot of weekend. lets not act like were all dumb please.
paradise poker back in the day with many checks cashed.

they outta know who their customers are too. mine some data from me, sell it. get in the game of making some real loot and hook us up.


Not true.
There are thousands of poker games being played every week in the U.S.A. It might be the local VFW, some teenage friends, a co-workers dining room or a rotating neighbor game.
I’ve played in many of those and none that I played were open to ‘anyone with a buy-in’.


Even on here there are private leagues where membership can be denied for many reasons, including bankroll size.


Maybe you should re-read my post but I’ll try to clarify.
The 5/10 rings are where I play with friends at night after grinding/trying-to-win-chips during the day and early evening.
The place I see lower ranked players playing loose bingo and higher ranked playing with more reasonable strategy are in MTTs…especially freerolls.


Cool. Makes a bit more sense. I try to stay out of the free rolls and hover around 2.5k to 250k buy ins.
I think I probably do between 20-30 tourney a day. So while I’m not trying to say what anyone says is wrong here; I also wouldnt say that my experience or observation is way off base as I do a lot of playing on this site and observe a lot hands across many of those buy ins.

As for the real world stuff… Obviously they try to fit that WHERE IT MAKES SENSE and where it can appropriately apply. They don’t let me wait outside the table to smack a person who just cost me my whole stack on a junk hand like in real life so there is a limit lol. I was just suggesting a way to let smaller folks get maybe 1 million before they start getting ganged up on or all in’d on every hand cuz someone sees A/10o, and if you were to act like that doesn’t happen here you would be disillusioned.



of course, it happens at all the free sites…but from my experience, it’s not nearly as rampant here.


OK, in casinos you can sit down with the buy in, I do not know the rules in your kitchen…:slight_smile:


Typical results from a 100k buy in. And not that this is by a high ranked person but this is the stuff that has to be overcome to build up bank and given how often it happens and then seeing some of the win stats of 91% at showdown and 24% win to hand rates… Yet some who try hard and play good cards have way less win rates and showdown rates, not a little less, way less like 16%, and also knowing how it goes on other sites and in real casinos and in real cash money sites when we had them… Makes not returning here something I think about daily… Not something I encounter in many other gaming arenas. Folks who bet right and play right get burnt out on either having to bet 30% my stack when really its only a 3xbb warranted hole set or playing right and dealing with junk that stayed in because you didnt overplay your hand. its over the top here.



@ChipsAhoy , I believe it has been mentioned before, but its highly likely Replay used to be all “Stakes restricted” and was changed to all “Non Stakes restricted” across everything… I think the pendulum is swinging back to a point, where players don’t want only 1 of the 2 extremes, they want both … but that means you basically dbbl the whole site in terms of Lobbies… so its going back wanting restricted tables it seems…iono…

Personally I like My idea of a %(bankroll) table, but thats never gonna happen. I see some of the best points for both sides of this coin, so I guess I’d like both options… if there was a way to do that without alot of development time and without dbbl everything… and ony if it was fair to all timezones and stakes levels.

“Bingo” , the term, should be banned… it is caused by mainly… online poker and free chip poker, (among other things) when multiplied together lets face it… it cannot be eliminated. Especially in tournament poker where the threat of elimination is a viable weapon to use against other players. ( calling all in on the turn, hoping to hit the river… is no more of a bingo than betting/calling that all in preflop, hoping to hit the flop )( and only 1 of those is usually call’d a bingo, dumb I think )

So @ChipsAhoy , which is better then , all non restricted or all restricted ???
Personally I think the only answer to that is… both…


Speaking of terms that should be banned, there are so many of them which are far more important than the term “bingo”.

I believe that any declaration in the chat, in the lines of “I am high”, “I am wasted”, “intoxicated”, and any explicit naming of any illegal drug use and abuse, along with their names, street names, and how they taste and how they make you feel, should all be banned too. And anyone who proudly declares them in their chat should be permanently muted.

But that’s just my opinion. I think we each pick the terms that most offend us and ask for them to be banned. Bingo is not a new term, and it’s not exclusive to Replay or its players. It’s used by everyone everywhere, and should not be banned because someone is offended by it just because it describes the way they play.

The terms that should be banned are the ones that affect everyone, and those who should be muted are those who promote violence, drug use, abuse of any kind, etc… Bingo should be the last term on that list, IF at all.


There was a very sad time in Italy’s history in which all foreign words were banned.
The replacements for those words were often hilarious. For example for “bar”, a politician of that time proposed to say “local in which one drinks coffee”. So I imagine a conversation like this: “Hi, Mario. What about meeting at 6 pm in the local in which one drinks coffee in the Via Rossi?” “But I don’t drink coffee!” “In a local in which one drinks coffee one can drink something else, too.” “OK then, I’ll meet you in the local in which one drinks coffee in the Via Rossi to drink something else at 6 pm”.

We could do the same here.
What about we replace the word “bingo” with: the game of chance especially popular in UK?
I am sure we could find a nice, inoffensive definition for all words that bother us. :smiley:


Bingo is easier LOL
But whatever offends bingo players less and still states how they play works for me :slight_smile:


Maya, maybe it is easier, but you MUST admit that if, instead of saying: you are a bingo player, you say: you are a fan of the game of chance especially popular in UK, you sound much more elegant, neutral and nice.


Ah well… If I MUST then so be it :joy: