I Don't Want To Play Anymore


This game is getting boring. It isn’t fun trying to actually play and win. It takes a long time to earn a little.

It’s more fun playing bingo. Winning big is really fun. I think it’s worth it to keep topping off and collecting the daily bonus just to play bingo. I recently got to over 30k from 2.5k playing bingo (all-in preflop) while folding weak hands. I find it more fun to play bingo with weak hands though. It’s funny when you beat pocket aces with 32 offsuit, but even that is getting boring.

I don’t know how you guys play this game for so long. Some people even spend money to buy chips. Some have played for years, but I can’t imagine this game being that fun.

The tournaments were very fun at first, but now it’s just time consuming. The Turbo Tournaments are more fun and fast-paced, but it doesn’t get fun until the blinds are huge. All of the prizes just seem pointless. Right after typing the last sentence, I just played bingo in another Freeroll Tournament. I eliminated 1 person before losing lol.

I get so bored I mess with people in chat. I’ll say things like:
You wanna know what I love about playing poker? It’s not bluffing, or a pair of aces, or even a royal flush. Can you guess what it is? Bingo (goes all-in preflop)
Guess what time it is? Half past BINGO (foes all-in preflop again)
What starts with B and ends in O? BINGO (goes all-in preflop again)
BINGO TIME (goes all-in preflop again)
What rhynes with flamingo? BINGO (goes all-in preflop again)
I GOT A PAIR OF SUITED ACES (goes all-in preflop again)
I MIGHT GET A ROYAL 4 OF A KIND (goes all-in preflop again)

Why do you play this game? What’s the point of collecting chips if they don’t mean anything in real life? With real money it makes more sense, but why play here? Is watching a chip count slowly increase over time (or skyrocket and come crashing down if you’re like me) really that fun for you?

I really don’t think I’ll be playing this anymore. It just isn’t fun. I literally haven’t even played the game for a month. Somehow people have played for years.

I can still top off with 2.5k. I think I’ll go play bingo until I lose, then I’ll quit.


For me, I just enjoy the game of poker, regardless of whether it’s for pretend money or real money. I like learning more about it and seeing how when my skills improve I get better results. I like it when I finally beat a player who has been giving me fits. The chips themselves are just a way to keep score - I focus more on win RATE rather than total number of chips won.

If you don’t enjoy the game itself then free chip poker is probably not the right pastime for you.


Yes for most players it is just a way to socialize and enjoy a relaxing night, maybe get your mind off of your problems. Don’t let other players and the way they play determine whether you stay or leave. It is a great way to meet friends and when you do the chips and the way others play wont matter so much. Hope you stay and enjoy the game… Doll :slight_smile:




Maybe if you took the time to actually talk to players and not try to annoy then you would have more fun. There are quite a few nice people here. Most people play to kill some time and some play to try to do good on Leader Boards , finish first in a tourney or are just trying to improve there game before going to money games …but I do agree with you … when it stops being fun , it’s time to move on .


If you’re bored, there’s really no point in wasting your time.

It’s good to take a break. Maybe you’ll feel like playing again after a hiatus.

Poker isn’t for everyone, so if you don’t enjoy it, find something you do like.

Playing Bingo is really boring though, you’re absolutely right there.

Playing with skill, using your wits, that’s a lot more engaging.


If you don’t enjoy it, there is no point. Play here only when you want to. If you come here expecting a bad time, you will probably find one. If you come here with a positive attitude and realistic expectations, it can be good fun. If I play here too often, I find myself getting bored/frustrated so I take a break. For me, its a good place in limited quantity. You really can’t beat the price :wink:


I dunno, I am about to Quit here too, these bad beats are more and more common, I used to win with frequency but now I get beat all the time. Can’t get my chip count above a certain amount no matter how long I sit.
I really don’t understand How I can play for the first year of playing Here and winning with most of my hands I knew were good hands, Now I get a straight and get beat by a flush, I get a flush and only to get beat by a Fullboat, I get 2 pair only to see trips come up, then the hands I sit out of the cards I would need to come up to win come “MAGIC” there they are… this sites getting me extremely Frustrated because this Never or hardly ever happens at a real poker table. But here continually happens.
I Really don’t know if I will quit here and give these chips back to someone who will win them off me if i just play, because I cannot win hardly any hands, I’ve tried other tables too, Nope can’t win no matter what table i play. Or 1 in 40 at best. One or Two Seats win the Majority all the time not matter what they have in their hand.
What’s weird is, no matter what if I play in a hand which my winning percentage is one in 40 hands, " yes that’s one in forty hands not kidding go look, lol, I understand this site wanting to make money to keep it going but I am not here to pay for chips on a free game. that’s gambling with Real Money with no Reward. Your spending your hard earned CASH to Buy Fake Chips to either lose them or win a few only to get beat by a hand that most would of Folded, but they stay and win. then if you raise them they fold after they win your Chips, Maybe there’s something I don’t understand, Like if you win fold the next hand and if you play Raise the pot to win, But that’s not how people play real Poker.
In my opinion if you play Bingo here you will win. if you bet more you wn, if you don’t bet and sit with a good hand you will lose. Been playing Poker for over 40 years and have never seen this except with PokerStars and Full tilt same thing, maybe they can’t figure out a real Random Number algo. I love this game Texas Holdem and Omaha Hi/Lo but it’s getting Sickening losing to Bingo Players and People sucking out staying with absolutely Nothing in their hands only to suck out on the River. It’s getting Extremely frustrating and I do apologize for ranting but it’s really not right IMO.
I think if this site doesn’t change and I keep getting bad beats every single time I will quit playing here too.
Win one hand in 30 to 40 hands isn’t right, and when I first started here that never happened like it is today.

I only wish the best for all players and this site to make it fair for all players.
Good Luck and God Bless you all :slight_smile:


I just enjoy the competitive nature of the game and trying to build a chip stack it doesn’t really matter what the chips and worth they are just like a score card.
It will be boring of your not willing to engage in and really think about all the games nuances, like the game your playing and the players at the table not to mention the mathematical side of working out your odds in any given situation and trying to make the correct decision.
By only having one move I.E all in or fold you are removing the decision making process which is the entire point, challenge and art of the game, and you will never be able to move up to different levels or games because your just going to keep busting out.
Poker is a game of thought, discipline and patience if you are not at least attempting to improve yourself and your game in these areas you really are completely missing he point.


SandmanAAA Even if the random number generator isn’t random (which it is) it couldn’t and wouldn’t target one player with weak hands or bad beats, what would be the point? All it could do is specify certain seats for this treatment and every player would have the same chance of getting a bad or good seat as every other.
Bad beats are part of the game in fact they are a mathematical certainty even if your get it in with your aces against two random cards your only about a 4-1 favourite at best that means you lose 1 in 5 and that’s about as good as it gets in poker, how many hands do you play a week? how many bad beats does that mean you mathematically have to take?
I did go and look at your hands I counted 19 pots won in the last 200, 10% if you’re playing at full tables isn’t that bad especially if your on a cold streak.
If you were a winning player and now you’re losing either you have changed your game or haven’t changed enough if playing against the same players all the time, or your simply having an entirely predictable down swing unfortunately these can last longer than most would think but that’s why we should play at an appropriate level for our bankroll in order to absorb the swings.
But if you’ve been playing for over 40 years you already know all this to be true right? My advice is alter your game slightly for a while, if your loose tighten up your range a bit or vice versa and stick in, it will turn round! if you were a genuinely winning player over the long term you must have the skills they haven’t gone away.


Bad Beats happen more often when you are playing people closer to your own skills, If you don’t get bad beats it’s because you are a lot better than the people you play against, You should also ask yourself "Should I have seen that beat coming? " A lot of bad beats are visible & we should have seen coming by the way a person is playing & betting. Here are a few links that can give you insight on how to deal with them or avoid them more often, Hope this helps >>


I actually wanted to reply regarding Yellowvanman posts. I do agree with most of what he says. I am ready to quit this site. I haven’t won even a small pot let alone game in over a month. The cards I consistently get are so bad, it can’t be random. I’ve often thought if you don’t buy chips from the site, sooner or later, this is what happens. It is very frustrating to aces down only to get beat by 3 of a kind on the river. Again, this happens so consistently, it cannot be random. I hate to sound like a poor loser. Getting beat honestly is a lot different from what I feel is happening here. It really is ridiculous a lot of the time. I can find no legitimate reason for this to be happening for soooo long to the same person. Oh well, it could be worse, it could be real money!!


Thanks for all the input People, I have had bad days for this whole year, and just got a bit teed off when I didn’t bluff at all just trying to hit a hand and not win but one while one other seat or two sit there and just clean out anyone who dares put their chips in the pot, these same seats can bet at the start of a hand and win it no matter what. to me that’s not right at all. but I will say thanks for all the points of view. But you looked over my hands and the pots i did win were Peanut pots, where i got a hand and those same people that have been taking almost every pot fold then and I don’t push all in because they sit out and the other people don’t deserve getting hammered by me when i finally get a good hand almost ever single time that happens, One question is does Replay have bots playing ? I don’t mean anything by this, it’s just extremely frustrating to me.

But thanks a bunch all for your wisdom in this :):smiley:


Bingo players are ruining this site. I don’t have the answer but if this continues it will be RP’s downfall. Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate the opportunity this NO DOWNLOAD site gave me to learn the game but it is getting out of hand. Even when I started out green I never played Bingo. It seems that’s all newbies want to do now is go All In or buy the pot. It really is taking the fun out of the game, strategy,learning,etc… IMHO, you may want to start limiting the daily free chips to around 500/day to limit this horrid display of human character. Good Luck wit dat.


It would seem to me, that it would be just the opposite Mr. Overunder. That the people that do spend money would not have good luck so that they would spend more, Not the free players.
I do encourage everyone no matter what their skill levels are, To always read up on Poker & strategy, since it is a constantly evolving game due to new thought & play styles always occurring. I know I change my style at each table based on the notes I have on other people, But I also have completely overhauled me game twice in last 8 months. I hope things change for the better :sunny:


Sandman, A lot of players make mistakes in betting when they finally do get a good hand, and everyone can see that you bet different so they fold, try to stay constant when betting or bluffing so that it isn’t your “TELL” :sunglasses:


Thanks for the note. I see you work for the site. I’ve always thought I read people/ players pretty well. I dont make notes on people but I do remember them if we play twice or more. The pleasant ones make it a pleasure to play. Win or lose. Maybe I’m just
an old crotchety man who likes to hear himself whine. Happy New Year!!


I’m a volunteer (Player Representative) My duties are to help people find different things on the site, like forum, help, moderators mute, bathrooms etc… and to welcome new players and chat with anyone who wants to shoot the breeze. you are very welcome to friend me and ask me questions either at a table or message, If I don’t know the answer I will do my best to find it for you or anyone.
I am a big fan crotchety people, they always have very interesting lives. Have a great day & hope to see you at a table soon so I can put a note on you :wink:


It is not the game that is boring, rather the player…playing bingo eliminates a lot of the game and you do not even hafta know the appropriate starting hands…it is like bringing your Queen into play on your second move in chess, pretty dramatic but ultimately not going to get you very far…


Thanks JuiceeLoot for the input, I do try and be consistent when I play, But the cards just have not fallen like they did a year ago when I first started playing this site. I’ve played many Poker sites over the past years since 07 and they all seem to be the same. when you first sign up you win with hands you would expect to, good hands with fairly readable cards, but now seems it don’t win nearly as much, I am sure it’s not my playing style i haven’t changed in years, I hardly ever go all in. like people call it here bingo. very rarely will i do that, But I been having so many bad days I would be afraid to sit down at a real table. Just saying. But thank you for the kind words of wisdom :slight_smile: Happy New Year. J