I Don't Get It


So now I’m wondering how much of this behavior is the result of internet anonymity.

Do you think they lash out like spoiled children in their everyday lives?

If Phil Hellmuth is an example, maybe some do. At least he knows that people laugh at him and purposely try to provoke a reaction for the entertainment value.



People lash out at each other all the time, in person or on the internet. Phil Hellmuth is famous for it, but that doesn’t mean people who are not famous don’t do the same, in casinos, private settings, etc… I’ve seen people throw down their cards and turn the whole table out of anger. Lashing out exists everywhere.

But I do think it’s much worse over the internet. There’s definitely a huge part of online “lashers” who would never dare to say a word of what they say online, when they are sitting face to face with the winner and are around others.

People behave differently online and allow themselves to say and do worse things than they can or will in person, due to internet anonymity.



I guess I just surround myself with a different type of person in my real life. Maybe it’s my military background, where you see how men react in the worst possible circumstances. In tough times, my friends get quiet instead of lashing out.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.



I’ve gotten mad playing poker, plenty of times. Not so much lately. But when I was struggling, I really did. I never lashed out at anyone in chat. So I don’t understand why people do that. The closest I came was saying something like “dang it”. I try to keep it light hearted and funny, like that time I went up against KK with KT, all-in, and when he flipped up his cards, he immediately flopped trips, and I just said “oh”.

Behind the keyboard, at various points in my journey, I may have been cursing up a storm, or pacing around to work off my angry energy.

None of it helped my play. It was an unavoidable part of my learning process. I had to go through thousands of hands to figure things out, experimenting and observing, trying to figure out how to win reliably. Losing big hands still happens, but I’ve seen it happen enough times by now that it doesn’t bother me. Maybe because I’ve seen it before. Maybe because my win rate is up enough by now that I know that I’ll continue to make chips as long as I keep playing.

What’s been great about it is that as I’ve improved at my decision making, I’ve also been able to gain control over my emotions. I strongly feel that the two go hand-in-hand. When I’m playing without a lot of emotion, I’m playing better poker, and when I’m playing better poker, my emotional keel is riding evenly. Poker is great for emotional health, self control and so many other things related to mental well-being. It’s perhaps my primary reason for playing.

I also like winning a lot. So, you know, it’s kindof a toss-up.

But I think that not everyone gets this out of poker. I get it because of my approach to the game. I don’t know how to convey to people how to have the right approach to life. It’s not really my business to tell them, anyway. But I’d like more people to come to the discovery as I have.

So to answer your question: I guess I don’t understand why people lash out, either, other than to say that they’re not as evolved in their development of their game.



To me poker is a mind game. You need to study your opponents and try to know what their strategy is. If they are attempting the suck out, then you must decide if your hand has enough potential to continue. Often times you can get a better hand and they will loose their advantage by not betting stronger to begin with. If you feel you have little to no chance of getting the best hand then you can always fold early. Getting upset is the worst thing you can do. If you find yourself getting frustrated, quit immediately or risk making costly mistakes…



I think that the reason most people lash out is ego

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Just poor sports and childish…

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Yes I have said a few thing I regret…
It fades away, no harm intended, it happens. The only physical damage that may occur to some I have heard, is the knuckles and screen. lol



It doesn’t always fade away. People have left the site over things like that, and they never come back. This hurts everyone.



We all lash out, look at tennis players, they smash tennis rackets, they debate the unpires, famous quote, “YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS” by JM

It;s being human and the heck with etiquette, what are we , robots ?..



Yeah well if they leave the site, was t that serious a comment ?



Your definition of serious and their’s may not be the same.

We all agreed to abide by the rules of the site. Name calling and personal attacks are against the terms of use. Should we not honor our own word? If we take advantage of the free poker, shouldn’t we uphold our end of the deal?



I hate it when people show hate.
And have no tolerance for intolerance.
Shouldn’t the donks who call folks names.
Douse the fire in their pants.

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Show us who you are
Pass the test of suffering
Silently endure



There once was a player who cried
whenever his chip stack had died
Because he was reeling
He lashed out unfeeling
Now muted he’s minus the chides



Well stated!



One of the all-time angriest hair styles.



Help me out on this one.The royal challenge-ring games competition taking place have 2 leaderboards .1) number of hands played 2) number of big blinds won. What I can’t figure out is the leader played 3000 hands and won 11000 blinds . How can that be ???



Hey cas :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you mean exactly. The blinds won depend on the pot, and have nothing to do with the number of hands played really.

One can win (or lose) any number of big blinds per hand. One hand can bring 4 big blinds, another could win 20 big blinds, depending on the bets and the number of players and the chips involved.
The number of hands played is just how many hands one plays regardless of wins or losses.

Does that make sense? Or were you asking something else?



Right. They are using the term “big blind” as a betting unit, not as a position.

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