I am the best player on here!


sorry, but what is rpos?


ask away!


dont worry, if he plays me long enough his chips will be 0


no! cash players are the best, the cash table is way harder then any tournament. I will be humble and admit I am probably not the best turnament player on here because that honor belongs to Bromholm1 !!!

The reason why you dont see me or other top cash game player play tournament, is because they are not offering 100 million buying turny’s. Until they start during that, its just not worth the time investment!

By the way I ask Bromholm1 about my tournament game and according to him, I am very close to his level!

By the way one of the reason I am so good, is because I will get down on my knees and beg for knowledge, I am currently friends with Bromholm1 and I watch him play and learn things. I am surprised people here are not friends with him. Just watch him win every tournament he join, he plays so good!


thank you, the analysis I give him is really just old school poker. Do you see how I concentrate on the psychological aspect more then math? In all honesty, no matter what they say about gto, in my heart I will always be an old school poker pro!