How social are you at the table?


You are cruel, I was about to compose such a nice song for you, and now you blocked my poetic fervour!
Actually, I feel offended that you believe you have offended me.
On the other side, I offended you because I believed you capable of saying banalities.
The conclusion is that we are both offensive human beings, and don’t qualify to become “Forum Saints”.


Humbly offered in sardonic irony. Merry Christmas.

1300s: I’m dying from the Black Plague

1800s: I’m 9 and work in a factory

1900s: I’m off to fight in a war

2000s: I’m offended


But prior to the 20th century, people who felt offended had duels and killed each other. Now we can talk it out. But still duels and killing each other feels like it would be more satisfying and productive.


And men felt compelled to defend in a duel a woman’s honour even if she didn’t feel offended at all. Nowadays we can decide when we feel offended and offend back all by ourselves.


Have you been to Chicago or Baltimore lately?

Call me when you find large numbers of women who are eager to sully a man’s honor. Hey, I’m all about equality here. You might even call me a feminist :wink:


I doubt you’ll ever find a woman who would do something so very silly and worthless.
Imagine somebody calls you a man of doubtful morality (a Casanova, so to speak), or a lousy poker player. A woman, indignant, smacks a glove in the face of the offender and challenges them to a duel. If the offender dies, the woman dies or both die, you’ll still remain a Casanova or a lousy poker player. :grin:


I don’t chat, but will abuse the “dealer” during the break, tell it all sorts of things, it’s lazy, it can’t deal, it’s code is corroded, needs to go find areal job…