Hand of the Month - September


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What was your new suggestion @SunPowerGuru ?


I forget.


I love your sense of humor!!



The new suggestion was to have the staff pick one hand a week as the best, then let the customers vote on which one is hand of the month.


I think involving both staff and players is a good idea :+1:


Thats kinda what i was referring to before, that would have both involved and staff spending more time viewing every single hand, then the players just need the time to view the 4 weekly top 4 hands for the monthly winner. So im sure viewing 4 hands would work as far as time spent by the players.


Thanks for all the feedback so far, everyone! I’m not going to address everything individually right now, but I appreciate that you’re already thinking about what you’d like to see from this promotion in the future.

Right now, we are making one small change:

@wildpokerdude is right – we should be open to including all hands for a month in this promotion. Because of this, we’re now accepting submissions for hands that play through September 30th. We’re moving our blog article and discussion thread to the following week, and we’ll continue to allow submissions for the entire month when running this promotion going forward.

As for the hands themselves, we’ve gotten some interesting ones so far, but wanted to make a clarification: Hands like #424006790 are very cool and certainly rare, but we’re not just looking for statistical anomalies.

The idea of the promotion is to stimulate discussion, so we’d like hands that are accompanied by player insight. Maybe you called a big bluff, maybe you pulled off a nice bluff or used your reads to make a judgment call. The more that can be discussed, the greater chance you have of winning the promotion.


You Do realize that the original promotional cut off date was the 30th? AND that by now giving me the adjusted one,(The 26th)you’ve made the length of the promotion just 6 days? Not very promoting, in my humble opinion. Peace.


Hi moeron, I think you misread the info,
original it was

but then they extended to :


Hi moeron,
I have sent the hand you posted to the email adress that was mentioned in the opening post.


No, not true. Scroll to the top where Fizzymint posted first on the 20th of Sept. in Tan and right after the sentence with the email addy in it. It reads “Entries will be accepted through Sept. 30th”. Both my reading and comprehension skills are tip-top so for your sake here’s a paste of it. Our mailbox is now open! Please send your submissions to hotm@replaypoker.com. Entries will be accepted through September 30th . We’ll post our article and discussion thread during the first week of October . Sorry guys, but unless you’re referring to something completely different,


The original post originally said the 26th. When the entry date was changed, the original post was edited to show the corrected date.


@Grateful_ed has it right - thanks for clarifying! And I’m very sorry this one was a little confusing, @moeron. I’m about to repost the rules for our October thread, and hopefully things will be clearer now that we’re launching the contest at the beginning of the month. :slight_smile: