Goast players


I might be remembering this wrong, but if someone changes their name and you happen to have an undeleted PM from them, all their old PMs will change to reflect the new name.

I don’t know if this is still the case, but someone might want to look into it.


I would say most times it is missing something before, during,or after their name, happened to me a lot when looking up a player but saw them in forum or elsewhere and it shows just the name but ends up being an add on and u see it after clicking their name in a different place… example using the name player. player player player player- play_er and too many too list. I found that out with several players where some show up as just the name until u see the add on somewhere else.


Yes it is. It happened a few days ago, and I recognized the player from old messages that changed to reflect his new name.


for some reason the add on i typed for the different examples didnt show up the way i typed them here, just the last 2 examples, not the 1st 3 tho.


Well then, they might want to fix that because it also defeats the purpose of changing your name.


If you put a text between 2 underscores, it just turns it into italic.
If you put a text between 4 stars (2* before and 2* after) it turns it into bold.
The characters you used in your example are shortcuts that format your text, that’s why instead of showing the way you wanted them to, they actually turned the words you typed into italic.

Next time you need to find a player that you see here in the forums, just find one of their posts and click on their name . You will get a popup showing their name in large, and underneath it an underlined link to their Replay profile. If you click on my name for example, you will get replaypoker.com/profile/Maya- which shows you my name on Replay has a hyphen after it that doesn’t show on the forums.

Hope this helps.


ya maya i noticed that on ur name, that is a perfect example, that why i did it for the word player examples, but does it sjpw up hyphen on ur seat on tables or in the lobby?


Yes. The hyphen shows everywhere on Replay. Just not in the forums.


wow, thats strange, interesting. so are u just the forum ghost player then? :slight_smile: in ur case i think its just a glitch in the system where the forums only recognize characters. maybe there is some type of similarity to the real ghost player on the tables and in the lobbys and some type of similar link to each other. im sure the techs could figure it out fast.