Forum Discussion Etiquette


The “gift” of entry into a freeroll is given to every person here without any expectations of service to the site. It doesn’t compare to a small group who must perform a particular service to the satisfaction of the site management in order to continue receiving pre-determined gifts.

I gotta say…
It sharpen the mind to type under the possibility that every post may be your last.
I recommend it.




Its bad form to flag posts as inappropriate just because you disagree with them. I’ve had 4 posts flagged and hidden temporarily here until staff reviewed them and saw nothing wrong with them. Anyone so childish as to flag posts for no reason should themselves be warned and then suspended from the forum. I know its a big thing now to try and drown out voices you don’t agree with but just because being a moron is fashionable doesn’t mean you have to follow along.


Hi everyone! I’m Patrick, one of our Community Coordinators here at Replay. If you’ve written into support we may have already met, but you may not know I also head up our volunteering program!

Our volunteers are extremely important to the site in making it a warm and welcome place to play poker. We at Replay recognize, however, that while we do mention the roles in our Site Rules we could be doing a much better job of making it clear as to what each volunteer role does. That way there’s less confusion about what you can expect when you interact with a volunteer, either on the forum or the main site. I’ll be looking into getting something both on the blog and on the site to make this more obvious going forward.

One thing I want to make clear though is that our volunteers are players. Outside of clarifying our code of conduct, or forum moderators explaining and making a ruling on a post merge, deletion, etc. these volunteers’ posts are all from a player perspective and are all opinion. They might have opinions on poker strategy, what Replay adds or changes, etc. but this is from their perspective only and does not reflect any sort of staff consensus. They don’t need to add this disclaimer to all of their posts – it’s our responsibility to do a better job of making sure this is clearer in the future. (To be fair, even our staffer Chasetheriver’s poker perspectives are his own opinion. GoldenDonkey and Shakeraise might feel a bit differently though. :wink: )

Thank you so much Maya for posting your thoughts on forum etiquette. I think there are certainly some good suggestions in there to help keep the forums clear and friendly for everyone! For now though, I’m going to go ahead and close out this thread as it’s gotten a bit derailed, but you can double-check our guidelines for any further clarifications on the topic. If you have any questions about volunteers or the program itself, please don’t hesitate to PM me personally.